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April 13, 2012
even if stupid alien afterbirth Anne is in it, I still want to see it.
½ October 21, 2010
gayet basit bir dille, sakin sakin, birsey ispatlamaya calismadan kucuk bir "yasamdan kesit" sunmuslar... bence ho olmus... isminden kaynaklanan o muzir beklentinin karsiliksiz kalacaginida soylemem gerek :D
February 16, 2010
Simple but true, quoting Tery : "you can never know with people!"
Not that it's fresh or innovative, but it's taken from life and served in a very vivid way. No waste of time to me.
½ August 8, 2009
I found this a rather strange movie about relationships which intertwined and had a basic connection in the end, but proved to go nowhere really. The only reason I picked this up was 'cos I saw Banks' name in the cast list and also a few other familiar names. This did, however, win an award at the Phoenix Film Festival, so I'd say it wasn't really that much of a disaster, but still strange. I just didn't like it how there wasn't real closure to some character plots and some of them just disappeared after a certain build-up. It's OK to watch when you're bored at home, but not worth making time for.
April 26, 2009
A movie that takes you into the world of deception..
½ January 2, 2009
Seeking for what's right, being cruel, immoral, just plain wrong? Sure. Just like we all are.
½ October 17, 2008
Okay-it's a been there seen it kind of movie. Not bad, though
March 27, 2008
Not overly interesting storyline
½ March 13, 2008
Not to recommend if u need to see action and a lot of happening...there is still something in this movie...
November 24, 2007
Yes our lives is in the spot : ) This is you! This is me! we are beautiful liars, and world goes around goes around goes around about our sexual life : )
November 20, 2007
Good movie! But it's more of a drama than a comedy.
October 24, 2007
This movie didn't work for me at all. It was trying way too hard to be a clever indie.
September 27, 2007
Dumb, mundane and passive is what one can say at the least. Its random sex thrown into a story that really doesnt go anywhere. Bah!
September 26, 2007
Småsøtt forvikling om mange mennesker som viser at verden ikke er så stor allikevel.
August 26, 2007
a dumbed down version of Love Actually.

It had its moments, but there was a distinct lack of impact or underlying message of any kind (that i could see.)

Dont bother with this one. Watch Love Actually instead.
½ June 27, 2007
A movie that tries to be deep when all it is a shallow look at sex and how sex connects us all. "Sexual Life" was a diappointment in many ways and not really worth the watch.
½ May 28, 2007
If you wish to see sth. porn, it will disappoint you. But if you would like to learn sth. about relationship, philosophy of life, connection among humans, it gives you all.
Really satisfied with that ending, it is like two little spots travelling from the same point to a totally opposite direction, when they keep running and think that they could build a circle, they find that they are in different obits. They pass each other and run again, hoping that next time they meet,at the very begining...
July 20, 2006
even if stupid alien afterbirth Anne is in it, I still want to see it.
½ December 4, 2005
Interspersed between the lives of a small group of people weaves a sexual thread ... thru couples with varying problems and the enlightened prostitute that the film uses as bookends to the different stories. The battle that emerges is the one of raw desire vs planning for the future and doing the "right" thing. The ending is poignant and brings the battle front and center.

Very entertaining and it may make you reflect on your own choices in life.
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