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August 22, 2015
This thing was ludicrous but in a good way. Goofy without getting too goofy. It was worth watching
November 17, 2012
Big disappointment from 'Sholay' director, Ramesh Sippy.
June 25, 2011
One of the best cinematography in Indian cinema....with the best names in Bollywood in it...from Amitabh, Shashi Kapoor, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Shantrughan...great story by the legendary by R D Burman...a must watch for anyone who wants to know about Bollywood movies...
Super Reviewer
May 13, 2011
Yamma Yamma kesa hasin khoobsurat sama - The great R.D.Burman::::Today no one remembers whom Rahul Dev Burman had to thank his Career::: The Bollywood Comedy King:: Late Mehmood!

My fav song in the Movie stays Naam Abdul he mera with Mazhar Khan and Mohd Rafi s voice. What a combination.

I like watching Amitabh old Movies, but he should now retire. Amitabh had a Style .....Once upon a time.... but he has lost that touch and now he is just an old man who just doesnt want to retire, I just shake my head everytime when I see him Dancing with young girls nowerdays.

Shaan is not a bad Movie, it has a tiny bit of everything but my
Big complain it has a lots of Villain talking Nonsense.

I have never saw a Movie with a Villain talking like a Parrot! I just forwarded the part every time Kulbushan appeared on Screen (who played Villain, mostly threatning with his idiot Buttons. If I push this Button and push that Button....*roll eyes* annoying)
Jesus Christ what did they think when they wrote the script for the Villain anyway?

The other thing what I even noticed the Song Scene of Yamma Yamma, what the makers of shaan wanted couldnt exactly manage, but in Sholay there was this touch of an Idea I could see in the song "Mehbooba Mehbooba) I thought oh right something similar. Sippy managed that Song Scene Perfect and atleast there was a Villain with real threats a NO BUTTONS in sholay. Thank you for that Sippy.

I chuckle with the thought if someday with all his "dance moves" the 70 years old Amitabh`s dentures don't tilt drop down.
May 11, 2010
Parveen Babi's small role as a thief was the best part. Of course, the makers of Sholay went all out to make a fearsome villain with expensive, elaborate, and impressive sets for Shakal's secret lairs. While the first half was kind of nice, the second half became a complete drag.
½ April 8, 2009
too good ................
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