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½ February 20, 2015
Possibly the most boring depiction of carnival life ever put on film.
January 12, 2013
This was so super weird you had to keep watching....terrible movie though.
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March 29, 2012
A horrible, no-budget ripoff of Tod Browning's carny-classic "Freaks." The ending is essentially revealed at the start, which is possibly a good move -- there's a modest degree of suspense about how the curvy star will mutate into a monster. The gal kinda looks like a cross between Elke Sommer and Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon.

The dire shortage of plot is covered by exasperating/hilarious overuse of montage sequences. Loads of aimless carnival scenery, inevitably backed by a swinging vibraphone-jazz combo who seemingly worked harder than anyone else involved.

If you tune in late and just catch the final 15 minutes, you'll extract all the entertainment "She Freak" has to offer.
March 17, 2012
Strange film. The type of film used and the acting gives this movie a prono movie feel. AT time you think the characters will break out in full prono scenes but they do not and this movie goes from weird to weirder. Can't believe I even watched it.
March 17, 2012
This really wasn't a scary horror type film, but more so a girl meeting the wrong type of guy, marrying a carnival owner, and having an affair with 'the wrong guy' and in the end the girl totally changes from the point of her joining the circus.
October 27, 2011
Pretty lame quasi-remake of Tod Browning's classic 'Freaks'. Half the movie seems to consist of stock footage of carnival rides being set up as bland 60s pop drones on the soundtrack. The plot is just a loose series of ineptly performed scenes completely devoid of drama or tension. Relentlessly dull, even hardcore cult movie fans will have a hard time with this one.
½ October 9, 2011
DOUBLE INDEMNITY? PICNIC? Naw, it's ultimately a garish, Z-grade FREAKS ripoff. Notable for saturated 60s color, hilarious jump edits and fight scenes (how many bad slaps can YOU count?), and go-nowhere scenes of carnival load ins and outs.
½ June 27, 2011
Absolutely delectable trash cinema, with a hysterically terrible lead performance. The weird thing is that the melodrama is interspersed with fascinating, if often unprofessionally shot, footage of real carnies setting up and breaking down gigs. Good stuff. The ending--an editorially heinous "Freaks" homage (sorry, word!)--is as awful as one could hope for.
March 2, 2011
Wednesday, March 2, 2011

(1967) She Freak

Doesn't consist much of a plot, but much of the film consists of major carnival set ups with cool old slow Jazz score either from the "Modern Jazz Quartet" or "Dave Brubeck"- take your pick, even when no actual real music artist or group's been credited except some 'nobody' in charge of providing the music, I guess because the budget was so low, they couldn't afford to pay any royalties to anyone else except their own! Anyways, don't let the title of this film fool you for according to some areas, it's labelled as a 'horror film' but in my opinion, it's quite the opposite! Well made as a 30 minute stint, for the real story actually occurs near the beginning of this picture after showcasing much of the carnival, turning to the 'freak show' tent area showcasing peoples faces of total shock and horror( and a crappy job they did as well) after seeing something without showing the audience what it is. Motivating viewers to be curious why that is, showcasing the rest of the film why and how this particular person became a 'she freak' hince the title! And what's interesting is that it attempts to look like a bad dream, but with the low budget look and the the bad acting and unendless barrage of carnival settings, it may just as well be, as a real snoozefest just to listen to the cool jazz score! People who're aware of director Quentin Tarantino should be able to know, these small low budget exploitation films are more suited to entertain people such as him, but to any other movie goers, it's quite forgettable!

2 out of 4
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June 3, 2009
It's a David Friedman production, so it is what it is.
It's shlocky, and sloppily made, but it retains charm.
Maybe we can say that this is a slow burn, leading up to a silly ending hoping to be atrocious.
Still, if you like Something Weird's output, it's an enjoyable one.
½ July 30, 2008
Really boring drech. Not much else to say, but nice make-up effects...when it appears for all of 30 seconds.
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