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February 28, 2016
Low-edge story with generic characters. The plot doesn't really get anywhere, and the whole shapeshifting subplot isn't expanded on much. Awful computer imagery, and some cringing dialog.
June 2, 2014
When I saw the cover to the film "Shifter" I thought I was going to be in for some family friendly werewolf movie... I hadn't realised it was actually the Pulsepounders release of Shapeshifter that I had seen so many years before.
So instead of some silly werewolf movie I was treated again to a spy thriller involving ancient religions, magic, music and SHAPESHIFTING!
Not at all what I was expecting going in but fun and entertaining throughout thanks to some amazing cheese!
½ June 29, 2008
Dette tror jeg er den dummeste filmen jeg noen gang har sett!
½ February 15, 2008
I only watched the whole movie because it was so lame that it was funny.
March 8, 2007
OMG can hollywood get any worse? :(
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