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Critic Consensus: Vile, contemptible, garish, and misogynistic -- and that might just be exactly Showgirls' point.

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Nomi, an attractive drifter, arrives in Las Vegas with plans to become a dancer. Soon she gets a job stripping at one of the lesser joints on the strip, but eventually catches the eye of talent scouts who hire the performers for a big revue at a casino. She works her way into the cast, and eventually sets her sights on taking the starring role.

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Gina Gershon
as Cristal
Lin Tucci
as Henrietta
Greg Travis
as Phil Newkirk
Al Ruscio
as Mr. Karlman
Patrick Bristow
as Marty Jacobsen
William Shockley
as Andrew Carver
Michelle Johnston
as Gay Carpenter
Lance Davis
as Bell Captain
Jack McGee
as Jack the Stagehand
Jim Ishida
as Mr. Okida
Joan Foley
as Jail Matron
Alexander Folk
as Booking Sergeant
Matt Battaglia
as Andrew Carver's Bodyguard
as Andrew Carver's Bodyguard
Elaine Van Betten
as Versace Salesperson
Irene Olga Lopez
as Personnel Woman
Julie Pop
as Nurse
Jana Walker
as Secretary
Christina Robinette
as Receptionist
Jim Wise
as Cheetah Loudmouth
Michael Shure
as Cheetah Drunk
Geoff Calla
as Cheetah Drunk
Rick Marotta
as Long-Haired Drunk
Paul Bates
as Cheetah Bouncer
Michael Cooke
as Casino Lecher
Jean Barrett
as Change Girl
Gary Devaney
as Texan at Spago
Gene Ellison Jones
as Texan at Spago
Robert Dunn
as Chimp Trainer
Ashley Nation
as Julie's Daughter
Cory Melander
as Jule's Son
Sean Breen
as Reporter
Elizabeth Kennedy
as Photographer
Warren Reno
as Crave Club Bouncer
Ken Enomoto
as Cheetah Customer
Y. Hero Abe
as Cheetah Customer
Odney Ueno
as Cheetah Customer
Kathleen McTeague
as Al Torres' Girl
Kristen Knittl
as Al Torres' Girl
Sage Peart
as Paramedic
Gregory R. Goliath
as Cheetah Bouncer
Michael Washington
as Crave Club Heckler
Judette Warren
as Spelling Dancer
Lonetta Pugh
as Baby Fat Dancer
Maria Diaz
as Yoga Dancer
Madison Clark
as Classes Dancer
Bethany Chesser
as Finalist Dancer
Kelly St. Romaine
as Melon Dancer
Danielle Burgio
as Ear and Nose Dancer
Debbie Ables
as Goddess Dancer
Lindsley Allen
as Goddess Dancer
Carrie Ann Inaba
as Goddess Dancer
Deena Grassia
as Goddess Dancer
Laurie Kanyok
as Goddess Dancer
Caitlin McLean
as Goddess Dancer
Suzi McDonald
as Goddess Dancer
Lisa Ratzin
as Goddess Dancer
Kim Wolfe
as Goddess Dancer
Bryan Anthony
as Goddess Dancer
Keith Diorio
as Goddess Dancer
Eric L. Ellis
as Goddess Dancer
John Jacquet
as Goddess Dancer
Sal Vassallo
as Goddess Dancer
Jamy Woodbury
as Goddess Dancer
Jason Yribar
as Goddess Dancer
Micki Duran
as Audition Dancer
Michelle Elkin
as Other Audition Dancer
Neisha Folkes-LeMelle
as Other Audition Dancer
Andrea Moen
as Other Audition Dancer
Nancy O'Meara
as Other Audition Dancer
Sandra Plazinic
as Other Audition Dancer
Laurie Sposit
as Other Audition Dancer
Tonya Tovias
as Other Audition Dancer
Michelle Zeitlan
as Other Audition Dancer
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Critic Reviews for Showgirls

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Showgirls would be offensive if it hadn't been hyped ("Leave your inhibitions at the door" winked the US publicity). But it has.

August 11, 2020 | Rating: 1/5 | Full Review…

Is it sexy? Not when you're laughing.

March 28, 2019 | Rating: 2/4 | Full Review…

The thin, terrible people of 'Showgirls' are equally loathsome; you don't have a rooting interest in Nomi or her "dream," and as a result, 'Showgirls' is 131 minutes of watching trashy, vapid people being terrible to each other.

May 27, 2016 | Full Review…

Showgirls... is one of those delirious, hilarious botches that could be taught in film schools as a How Not To.

June 12, 2013 | Full Review…

Berkley's acting début is a joy, if you can call it acting: she jumps up and down a lot to indicate excitement.

June 12, 2013

One thing I'll say for Showgirls, it's educational. But sadly, it isn't much else.

June 12, 2013 | Rating: 1/5

Audience Reviews for Showgirls

Never actually saw this one before. Have to admit, kind of liked it. At first the hammy acting (intentional apparently) was a bit off putting, but as the movie went on, grew to like it and see it as the cautionary tale it was. Very over the top look at what girls running away and hoping to cash in on dancing\stripping can expect to face and how there is always someone just like them trying to steal the "fame". It's done in a very exaggerated way which people will either love or hate.

Nicki Marie
Nicki Marie

Super Reviewer


If Verhoeven's intention was to make a satire of Las Vegas as a place of exploitation and hypocrisy then his film is brilliant, but it does feel like he is trying to make something serious, which makes its hilarious campy vibe come off as trashy and completely unintentional.

Carlos Magalhães
Carlos Magalhães

Super Reviewer

"So-bad-it's-good" originated with this cult classic and camp satire, and spawned a generation that was okay with having guilty pleasures. Director Paul Verhoeven, the mastermind behind so many great, giant camp films, made a large scale, NC-17, satire on the world of the Las Vegas showgirl, but of course it wasn't meant to be funny. It wasn't meant to have critics reevaluate it years later as possibly one of the greatest films to look at the seedy underbelly of the Las Vegas scene, and the dog eat dog attitudes of those involved in it. Of course, if Verhoeven and screenwriter Joe Ezterhaus were trying to relate to their audience the empirical evilness of "Showgirls" they lost right away with the casting of Elizabeth Berkley. Most famous for the clean cut character Jessie on "Saved by the Bell," Berkley tried to shed that tired old exterior, and in the process also shed her clothes many, many times for this film. The nudity is not what anyone would find repulsive about this film, and may even be a boon for its exploitative content. What becomes annoying pretty fast is Berkley's character, Nomi, who works as a stripper at a club in Vegas, dreaming about dancing in a show. She is temperamental, loud, obnoxious, repellant, and socially awkward in every sense of the word. Berkley's performance is angry at every juncture, and there isn't a moment when you don't wish pain upon her. Critics have reformed their opinions as of late and suggest that this film is about being taken advantage of and though the outlying and supporting characters are despicable, Nomi doesn't seem sympathetic in comparison. Yes, the manager of the club is insidious, the lead is a bitch, the backers are vicious, and the competition is brutal, but Nomi is a self-centered egotist who makes her way to the top with back stabbing and violence. Every word out of her mouth sounds whiney and pathetic, and her performance never gets reared in by Verhoeven, only gone wild time and again. As an exploitation film (suggested by Tarantino) it works perfectly, blending together sex, destruction, and revenge, and for most of the film you can forgive the blatant sensationalism. It was near the end, in one of the most violent and irresponsible scenes ever, that all respect gets lost for the director's vision. It works as the climax for the film, and it's so horrible and hateful that it burns a knot in your gut at the very mention of it onscreen. That's beyond exploitation and it truly dilutes how entertaining this film can be. Nothing gets resolved in the end, and the character doesn't do anything except mouth off for the entire film. It lingers on the edge of accomplishing something, but now remains one of the worst disasters in film history, and hopefully it will remain reviled for the rest of time.

Spencer S.
Spencer S.

Super Reviewer

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