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Jeff and Anne, two close friends and co-workers who are embarrassingly unlucky at love, hatch a plan to transform themselves over the course of a sex-and-alcohol-fueled summer. (C) Tribeca

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Adam Pally
as Jeff Lowry
Kevin Dunn
as Darren Lowry
Sarah Burns
as Anne Martin
Kate Flannery
as Principal Miller
Marceline Hugot
as Joyce Lowry
Ursula Parker
as Little Miss Trooper
Peter Grosz
as Dr. Mark Sonderskov
Julie Mun
as Carol
Montana Marks
as Sexy Dressed Student
Amy Londyn
as Female Student
Frank Toner
as Partying Teacher
Natalie Pagano
as Keg Standing School Nurse
Rebecca Viscuse
as Body Shot Girl
Chris Anthony
as Good Looking Guy
Sarah Van Auken
as Ambivalent Girl
Cecily Strong
as Amber the Ex
Schoolly D
as Rapper
Molly Pace
as Elayna
Daniel Reguera
as Darts Opponent
Amanda Livezey
as Bar Waitress
David Prado
as Bartender
Suzy Kaye
as Carmen
Chris Dalbey
as Wasted Guy
Michelle Mercier
as Fun Girl on Bar
Sean LeeRoy
as Good Looking Meathead
Chase Bowman
as Guy at Door #1
David Beaver
as Guy at Door #2
Matthew Andrews
as Guy at Door #3
Maeve W. Joyce
as Argott-Maeve
Hollie Schwarz
as Brunch Waitress
Greg Wood
as Prisoner of Love Narrator
Thomas Leonard
as Bar Drunk
Rachel Johnston
as Model Date
Patti Davidson
as Phone Message Stacy
Carlos Delgado
as Furniture Repo Guy #1
Lou Rosmini
as Furniture Repo Guy #2
Charlie McDermott
as Student in Guidance Office
Gary Ayash
as Teacher in Car
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Critic Reviews for Slow Learners

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While it's true that many of the scenes would be hard to perform without breaking into laughter, it's often difficult to share in the mirth. Call it hermetically sealed humor.

September 17, 2015 | Rating: 0/5 | Full Review…

The film's brisk energy, witty visuals and sharp supporting cast (including Kevin Dunn and "Saturday Night Live's" Bobby Moynihan) together push an appealing but thin story idea over the finish line.

September 10, 2015 | Rating: 3/4 | Full Review…

A satirical romantic comedy that gets mixed grades in the laughter department.

September 3, 2015 | Full Review…

Even if this movie isn't fresh, it's often amusing.

August 19, 2015 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review…

Only a few scenes fail to draw laughs in a movie that's unexpectedly smart and consistently amusing.

August 18, 2015 | Full Review…

We need more than fumbling clichés, and Slow Learners doesn't deliver.

August 18, 2015 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Slow Learners

This is an indie rom-com that, sadly, adheres too much mainstream rom-com tropes. I don't wanna say that there was potential here for this movie to be anything special or unique, but there's some potential here for the film to end up being more than what it is. Two dorky best friends decide to get makeovers and change their personalities so their love lives would have more favorable results. You can tell how this is gonna go, right? If you guessed that their personality changes leads to Jeff and Anne changing into people they'd never be, for the worse, and that would lead to some strife between them then you were right and you get a cookie. Don't get me wrong though, honestly, even with the fact that I think it adheres too much to an established formula, though the ending is pretty cute in not playing to the happy, sentimental stuff you're used to, I legitimately enjoyed this movie quite a bit. Sarah Burns and Adam Pally, Anne and Jeff respectively, duh, are really, really good in this film. Adam Pally has done a lot of TV work but I was completely unfamiliar with Sarah Burns and she's definitely a very talented comedic actress. She, physically, reminds me of Kristen Wiig and Cheryl Hines. But she's also really good at what she does, so she was definitely a welcome surprise. I'm fairly certain I've seen Adam Pally somewhere, but I can't really place him, but he's also real good and he makes a good pair with Sarah. They're likable enough, but the film doesn't really have that much depth. I'm not saying the characters are one-dimensional, I think they're a little more developed than that, but it's not like we're watching the most accurate representation of modern romance, so I guess I can't really complain. This film was meant to entertain and that it did. I still have a lot of problems with it though like, for example, the whole 'Jeff and Anne are now driven apart by their changes' literally came out of nowhere and it was really a little jarring. I felt that they could've eased into it as opposed to just running headfirst into it, which is what they did. It just doesn't come naturally, like there's no tease of tension between the two. And it's honestly a bit silly when Anne knows that the name of the game is get laid as much as possible, so getting upset about Jeff having a regular 'booty call' seemed a little strange. Though, you could also argue that her finally realizing that she was in love with Jeff led to Anne being kind of bitchy to Beth, Jeff's booty call. I do think that the movie, invariable, slows down during this part. It's not that it's terrible or anything, it's just a step down from what the movie previously was. So, pacing-wise, because of that, the movie takes a few stumbles before, naturally, getting back on track at the end. The film has a strong supporting cast and that helps move things along in an agreeable fashion. I just wish this movie felt a little more focused, it kind of loses its way for a while there. I know that sounds redundant, but it bears repeating. So, yes, I had my complaint, but I quite enjoyed this movie. I was in a good mood so I probably enjoyed this more than I would've on any other day. A really good cast helps make up for some flaws in the script. Would recommend it if you have Netflix. This was an absolutely terrible review, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

Jesse Ortega
Jesse Ortega

Super Reviewer

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