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Critic Consensus: Visually dazzling and emotionally resonant, Slumdog Millionaire is a film that's both entertaining and powerful.

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Jamal Malik, an 18 year-old orphan from the slums of Mumbai, is about to experience the biggest day of his life. With the whole nation watching, he is just one question away from winning a staggering 20-million rupees on India's "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" But when the show breaks for the night, police arrest him on suspicion of cheating; how could a street kid know so much? Desperate to prove his innocence, Jamal tells the story of his life in the slum where he and his brother grew up, of their adventures together on the road, of vicious encounters with local gangs, and of Latika, the girl he loved and lost. Each chapter of his story reveals the key to the answer to one of the game show's questions. Intrigued by Jamal's story, the jaded police inspector begins to wonder what a young man with no apparent desire for riches is really doing on this game show? When the new day dawns and Jamal returns to answer the final question, the inspector and 60 million viewers are about to find out.

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Dev Patel
as Jamal Malik
Madhur Mittal
as Salim Malik
Ayush Mahesh Khedekar
as Jamal (youngest)
Irrfan Khan
as Inspector
Rubina Ali
as Latika (youngest)
Tanvi Ganesh Lonkar
as Latika (middle)
Ashutosh Lobo Gajiwala
as Salim (middle)
Tanay Chheda
as Jamal (middle)
Himanshu Tyagi
as Mr. Nanda
Imran Hasny
as Javed's House Doorkeeper
Saurabh Shukla
as Sergeant Srinivas
Jeneva Talwar
as Vision Mixer
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Critic Reviews for Slumdog Millionaire

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It's not about poverty pornography. It's not about a White guy showing us touchy Brown-skins squatting by the rail-tracks. In the end, it's just about a film, which sweeps you up and takes you for an exhilarating ride on the wild side.

January 26, 2018 | Full Review…

Slumdog Millionaire is an exhilarating ride -- a feel-good yarn about a Mumbai street kid directed by Danny Boyle with a wild energy that makes even Trainspotting (Boyle's calling card) look leaden-footed.

February 22, 2015 | Rating: 4/5 | Full Review…

There are so many frantic pursuits through heaving streets that it is easy to lose track of who is chasing whom, or why. Energy and urgency are substituted for realism.

February 22, 2015

Slumdog is a good film and an appealing film with some lovely performances but it's not a great film: it's too sentimental and predictable for that.

February 22, 2015 | Full Review…

Boyle set out to make this particular film rather than a gritty social panorama along the lines of Brazilian favela drama City of God. But keeping us cheerful takes the edge off the tougher insights into India.

January 27, 2014

Boyle takes his wildly high-energy visual aesthetic and applies it to a story that, at its core, is rather sweet and traditionally crowdpleasing.

February 20, 2013

Audience Reviews for Slumdog Millionaire

Gorgeous cinematography and editing, but terribly weak story. It's not that I'm against optimistic, uplifting movies, but there needs to be proper development and higher stakes than just "star-crossed love." Why does Salim suddenly let Latika go after remorselessly kidnapping her days ago? Where is his moral and fraternal turning point? What is the point of the frame story of the torturing producers? There is no pay off for that; it is merely a device to reveal Jamal's past. What is the consequence of the gangsters' cruelty to Latika? She isn't horribly disfigured or hurt. Would Jamal still love her if she is? Will their love still transcend such superficialities? I have a problem with destiny-driven plots. It's an easy cop-out. I really wanted to like this film because it's pretty much everyone's favorite movie ever, but I find it incredibly overrated.

Alice Shen
Alice Shen

Super Reviewer

A exhausting thrill ride with relentless ups and downs. A sweet and dramatic movie that felt like something was missing?

Film Crazy
Film Crazy

Super Reviewer

I tend to enjoy dark movies because the emotional reaction is greater for me than that of "happier" movies, for lack of a better word. Slumdog Millionaire, however, makes a powerful case for "happy" movies. Slumdog Millionaire is a wholly life-fulfilling epic about destiny and love that is expertly directed and colorfully shot. And when the film cuts rapidly in a hazy stop-motion-like effect, and the color from the streets reflects on our fated protagonists, and the music kicks in overwhelmingly, its hard not to leave with a smile on your face- and tears in your eyes.

Nikhil Nandu
Nikhil Nandu

Super Reviewer

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