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½ July 16, 2010
A wonderful piece of filmmaking set to a beautiful score. D.H. Lawrence will certainly warrant some reading on my part. Rupert Evans looks a lot like a young Brad Pitt here. I believe this is one of those rare movies that will continue to rise in my esteem the more I see it and think of it.
February 14, 2010
Controlling mother emotionally hampers her son's fom having successful relationships. The father fails to set a good role model so the son's fail in love.
½ September 18, 2009
This is one of the flawless transitions from paper to celluloid....Stephen Whittaker has done a superb job....and Sarah Lancashire is the star of the show as Gertrude Morel.....though Esther Hall looks really fetching as Clara Dawes, especially in the scene where she says to Paul Morel (Rupert Evans), "You have given me everything, except yourself."

P.S. : D.H. Lawrence would've been proud...

P.P.S. : The lovemaking scenes are too intense for our "honourable" Censor Board to even think of giving it a theatrical release in India......
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