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November 13, 2008
Oh wow, Splatter University has to be one of THE worst slashers I've ever seen! A mental patient kills a "doctor" and escapes from an asylum and infiltrates a Christian University where he can kill bad girls all damn day without the worry of ANYONE doing anything to stop him. Seriously, no police, no forensics, NOTHING. The acting is beyond atrocious; the editing is beyond sloppy; the kills are beyond boring. Richard W. Haines should have been hung for making this film, but thankfully he wasn't as he later redeemed himself by making the incredibly awesome Class of Nuke Em High film. All in all, this film is a bore. There are so many better 80's slashers out there.
½ September 24, 2008
Wow... I mean I like low budget, poorly acted, badly written, cheesey horror films but... Wow. A thrown together slasher from 1984 that has the foul stench of Troma and even the credit of Kaufman as creative consultant. Some people need to accept the remaining balance on your mastercard is not enough to make that horror movie you always wanted to make.
June 24, 2008
want to remake it...!!
platter tei twra..!!
May 13, 2008
Standard 80's slasher fair. It seems alot longer than it is though.
March 19, 2008
This is what 80's slashers are all about. I generally don't like slasher flicks but this one is by far one of the best of its genre. Lots of blood, gore, campy humor. Check it out if you get the chance.
½ February 17, 2008
a psycho escapes and kills a few people at a university. this movie is really weird and really cheesy. there's a few group of kids that are thrown in throughout the movie just to say a few odd lines here and there. the movie is a jumbled mess for the most part with some decent slasher scenes thrown in the mix. a good enough ending to make it an average cheese 80's movie overall. definitely nothin great
January 24, 2008
Positively dreadful but with a certain shit charm.
November 7, 2007
not good not bad but good ending
November 3, 2007
Why do I subject myself to these films?? What about it attracted me to it? I guess director Richard W. Haines, who made one of my all time favourite B movies...Class of Nuke'em High, but this has better editing but no spirit, no sense of humour, no sense of fun. Great title. What a shit-sucking film, but man what a great title. I keep it on a shelf next to Splatter Farm and Splatter Beach.
½ October 12, 2007
It is awful. I saw another film exactly like this made 10 years later, I can't remember what it was called. I can't remember much about it - not a very exciting film. Not original at all.
½ August 22, 2007
Very slow-paced...with some killings that don't make sense. The ending is pretty climactic and even revealing the killer and such. The deaths are quite laughable and coming from an avid slasher fan...try to stay away from this unless there really is nothing else left.
August 8, 2007
Absolutely hilarious. One of the best slasher flicks out there!
July 18, 2007
Halfway decent slasher. Could've been a lot better. Pretty slow paced. Ridiculous soundtrack. I like the part where a chick gets her forehead slit then thrown in a dumpster.
June 13, 2007
Look at the title.
You know i'm into it...
May 30, 2007
O.K. effort with a good lead performance by Franchine Forbes, who is a dead ringer for Lacey Chabert, although it gets a bit tedious. The film tries to be more than it is at times with thriller esque investigations and stuff.

Good effort, but too mean spirited, and not in a good way.
December 12, 2006
I wonder what this is about, i think ill see it!
September 5, 2006
As far as slasher flix go Splatter University is pretty standard (and sometimes substandard) 80s fare even though it does show promise w/ its first kill aiming straight for the groin. Unfortunatley the stabbing/slashing doesn't remain @ that standard (this is what these types of films are really about unless you gave a damn about who's meeting their bitter end) It even has the standard escaped mental patient doing the killing but the identity the loony has acquired is just too unbelievable. I agree w/ the orderlies @ the end: "Don't they check references better than that? /I guess they will be for now on"..lol well I should fucking hope so
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