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April 21, 2019
It's a odd love story about a guy who screwed up his life and realizes it after a former lover of his commits suicide. Mark Harmon's best movie. Jodie Foster is brilliant.
December 14, 2018
One of the best movies ever made. Highly underrated!
October 19, 2018
Great coming-of-age romantic drama. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will be moved. Jodie Foster shines as Katie Chandler and Mark Harmon is amazing as Billy Wyatt. Buy this movie today! It is one of the best movies I have ever seen. One of my all-time favorites.
September 24, 2016
Great movie, very underseen/underrated. Never heard about it until this week. Ebert hated it. Ebert's weird about movies like this. He hated Inventing the Abbotts too. Anyway, this is really good.
April 15, 2015
Yes it's melodramatic but Foster's really good in this bittersweet trip down memory lane.
½ April 18, 2013
It's hard to believe Mark Harmon used to be a big screen leading man. I've largely forgotten this, but remember liking it back in the day. I think Jodie Foster is what makes it work.
March 15, 2013
I just happened to come across this movie in storage and so I watched it. It is now one of my favorites. I love how it is not only a baseball movie but also a movie about love, loss, and growing up. Excellent movie.
January 25, 2013
The music is incredible, such a beautiful story of growing up and of love and of loss. Makes me cry everytime.
December 7, 2012
Jodie Foster chooses good roles...Appeals...
½ May 14, 2012
One of my favorite movies of all time. A real tear jerker. Jodie and Mark are outstanding in this film.
January 14, 2012
Always amazed at what one will find in the library or hidden within the shelves forgotten by everyone. This is your standard coming of age story of an American boy which has all the typical trimmings with it. 50s music, baseball and men starting to like girls. I only remember Jodi Foster as a kid playing tomboy roles and playing strong female roles of the 90s so this seems very weird to see her play a teenager. Either way a standard issue coming of age story.
November 22, 2011
a really great sports film not just about baseball, but lots of other important things in life. One of harmons best films, great cast in this film. harmon has to be one of the most under rated actors out there, hes great too watch.
April 10, 2011
really sweet and bitter...
I like this movie caz I love Mark Harmon. <3
March 26, 2011
Eighties movies are, in general, a pretty bad lot. There were some good ones like Dirty Dancing and...well that's probably about it. Stealing Home falls short of even the low bar I set for movies from that decade.

Mark Harmon is a "washed-up" baseball player who finds out his first love has killed herself. Good enough premise. Except Harmon still looks the same now as he did 22 years ago...smug and unlikeable. On top of that is one of the worst sounding scores, if you can call it that. Simply awful. The story is nothing profound. She pushed him into baseball, and when he's in the gutter all those years later, it is her memory that gets him back on his feet.

I love Netflix, but the service failed me again. This was supposed to be a tearjerker. The only emotion I feel is one of frustration for wasting my time. But oh well, I nodded off a few times so it wasn't a complete loss.
½ March 3, 2011
so cheesey and...80s-y. oh, and the doogie howser poor, poor late-80s & early-90s
½ February 10, 2011
If ever theres a love story, worth remembering , this , is it .
First, I have adored Jodie Foster since the early 1970's . Any movie
She's in , is always a hit . This one, is no different . Actually, this
one almost surpasses a lot of her previous movies . If you envy
emotion , then you should watch this movie . I don't want to say much,
because , this is one of those movies, you watch alone, or with
someone you love . Either way, you'll be thinking , of where your
life is going, and where you'd like it to be . Who you'd like to be in it, with you . Before it's too late .

½ August 29, 2010
Odd little movie, which I can't figure out why I like it...or if I really do like it...
January 31, 2010
Not a bad coming-of-age/coming-to-terms film.
January 15, 2010
This Brings Me Back To All The things your parents tell you not to do and you have the rebelliouse babysitter Friend That Lets you Do The no no's This Is a Touching Story Gets me every time ...
½ December 19, 2009
Wonderful movie of a man remembering about a relationship he had with his first love who has since died.
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