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Critic Consensus: An unusually sweet and charming comedy by the Farrelly brothers. Fans may miss the distinct lack of bodily fluids though.

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Bob and Walt Tenor are small-town legends who excel at sports, and who are the proud owners of a fast-food restaurant where their four hands work the grill at lightning speed. When the acting bug bites Walt, he convinces Bob to honor their childhood pact to never hold back the other, and the brothers head west for the bright lights of Hollywood. Bob and Walt make fast friends with their sexy neighbor, who helps Walt land a grizzled agent whose idea of a prime gig for Walt is a porn film. Things finally begin to look up for Walt when the boys encounter legendary diva--and Academy Award winning actress--Cher. Looking to sabotage her new television series, of which she wants no part, Cher casts Walt as her co-star. Instead of dooming the show, Walt propels it to the top of the ratings, and the brothers became instant celebrities. But their real adventure is only beginning, as Bob finds romance with a longtime cyber-pal, and the brothers make a decision that will forever change their lives. Whatever happens to the boys, one thing is certain: nothing will ever come between them.

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Seymour Cassel
as Morty O'Reilly
as Herself
Meryl Streep
as Herself
Jay Leno
as Himself
Bridget Tobin
as Vineyard Cutie
Malcolm G. Chace Jr.
as Vineyard Buddy
Steve Cerrone
as Dart in Head Guy
Leslie Monroe
as Vineyard Patron
Mike Cerrone
as Hockey Stud
Michael Lee Merrins
as Umpire No. 1
Jonathan Cauff
as Umpire No. 2
Sean P. Gildea
as Baseball Coach
Michael Callan
as Fox Prexy
Dane Cook
as Officer Fraioli
Steve Tyler
as Officer Reney
Peter Dante
as Officer J.J. Hill
Ben Koldyke
as Officer Tommy Johnson
Jessica Cauffiel
as Bar Hottie
Roger Fan
as Executive No. 1
Jennifer Azar Burnham
as Executive No. 2
Elaine Curtis
as Cher's Assistant
Mariann Neary
as Purse Babe No. 1
Terez Kocsis
as Purse Babe No. 2
Sayed Badreya
as Assisting Surgeon
Hillary Matthews
as Nurse's Aide
Dan Geraci
as Handsome Hospital Orderly
Bob Mone
as Hospital Heartthrob
Brian Mone
as Tall Man
Catherine McCord
as Jogger Babe No. 1
Kelly Albanese
as Jogger Babe No. 2
Paulina Neely
as Jogger Babe No. 3
Daniel Greene
as Mr. Tourist
Kristen Trucksess
as Mrs. Tourist
Brian Hayes Currie
as Laughing Director
Ann Stocking
as Casting Agent No. 1
Tracy Ashton
as Casting Agent No. 2
Joe Steilen
as Casting Agent No. 3
Nate Steilen
as Casting Agent No. 4
Lisa Jouet Mosenson
as Casting Agent No. 5
Joni Friedman
as Casting Agent No. 6
Ellen Jacoby
as Casting Agent No. 7
Carrie Yazel-Steilen
as Casting Agent No. 8
Steve Cohen
as Casting Agent No. 9
Pat Battistini
as Space Alien No. 1
Doug Jones
as Space Alien No. 2
Lin Shaye
as Makeup Babe
John Woodin
as Porno Stage Hand
Johnny Cicco
as Porno Director
Rene Kirby
as Phil Rupp
Erica Lookadoo
as Marianna Trench
Justin Alioto
as Beaze Fan No. 1
Will Dunn
as Beaze Fan No. 2
Terry Nicholson
as Beaze Fan No. 3
Robyn MK Brooks
as Beaze Fan No. 4
Ernie Garrett
as Bar Thug
Bennett Yellin
as SPFX Man No. 1
Gregory Wyler
as SPFX Guy No. 2
Jeffrey Ross
as Beaze Security Guard
Googy Gress
as Pete Peterson
Frankie Muniz
as Cher's Boy Toy (uncredited)
Gene Feldman
as First AD
Kiele Sanchez
as Pepper Spray Cutie
Lenny Clarke
as Jailhouse Comic
Michael Edward Thomas
as Convenience Store Guy
Carolyn Stotes
as Pretty Hostess
Anna Byers
as Cute Autograph Girl
Gary M. Baker
as Dave the Bartender
Colin Kenrick
as 9-Year-Old Walt
Dennis Kravchenko
as 9-Year-Old Bob
Galen Schrick
as Brimstone Preacher
Otis Walter Albert
as Outta Sight Singer No. 1
Elizardo Del Rio
as Outta Sight Singer No. 2
Robert F. Smith
as Outta Sight Singer No. 3
Jesse Peter
as Bully Kid
Fred Burns
as Street Comic
Luke Wilson
as Himself
Nikki Tyler-Flynn
as Double Bubble Casting Agent
Tom Brady
as Computer Geek No. 1
Lawyer Milloy
as Computer Geek No. 2
George Christy
as Beaze Stagehand
Caryl West
as Oak Bluffs Theatre Woman
Stephen Saux
as Drive-By Heckler
Nancy Byers
as Gorgeous Hostess
Ricky Blitt
as Mobster
Pete Peterson
as Piano Player
Larry Grant
as Coffee Shop Patron
Tracey Ruggiero
as Barney's Waitress
Artie Granfield
as Barney's Patron
Rhona Mitra
as Bus Stop Bombshell
Kevin Civale
as Boxing Corner Man
John Mulcahy
as Boxing Referee
Peter Grundy
as Boxing Trainer
Joel B. Hayden
as Piano Bar Patron
Ashley B. Howard
as Double Bubble Babe
Monika Kramlik
as Dubble Bubble Babe No. 2
Tiffany Anne Marie Lucich
as Hottie Highlands Waitress
Ricky Williams
as MV Football Coach
Michael Burton
as Beaze Executive
Gino Torretta
as Beaze Thug No. 1
Bruce Armstrong
as Beaze Thug No. 2
Keith A. Hoffman
as School Principal
John Chan
as Incessant Photographer
Adam Shankman
as Choreographer/Waiter
Zachary Woodlee
as Dancer No. 1
Dani Lee
as Dancer No. 2
Lisa Ratzin
as Dancer No. 3
John R. Corella
as Dancer No. 4
Tara Nicole
as Dancer No. 5
Jenni Osborne
as Dancer No. 7
Monica Horstmann
as Dancer No. 8
Melanie Gibbs
as Dancer No. 9
Kevin Black
as Dancer No. 10
Daniel Bourgoin
as Dancer No. 11
George Drija
as Dancer No. 12
Rubin Pinor
as Dancer No. 13
Vincent T. Bingham
as Dancer No. 14
Roman Lomakin
as Dancer No. 15
Ania Zalewski
as Dancer No. 16
Jeannie Mustelier
as Dancer No. 17
Jacquelyn Dowsett
as Dancer No. 18
Bob Kocsis
as 4-Year-Old Bob
Charlie Thomas
as 4-Year-Old Walt
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It is a satire on Hollywood hypocrisy, and is, without doubt, the (Farrelly) brothers' finest -- and most subversive -- film to date.

January 10, 2018 | Full Review…

Sweet, slapstick and crude humor.

December 28, 2010 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review…

What first feels like thin skit material gets funnier and sweeter. Damon and Kinnear make a terrific team.

November 1, 2007 | Full Review…
Top Critic

An inoffensive one-joke valentine to freaks and geeks.

May 4, 2005 | Full Review…

A one-note, one-joke movie, it wastes terrific performances from Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear.

December 23, 2003 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…
Top Critic

A one-joke affair about conjoined twins that feels like it bypassed the scripting stage and was filmed directly from the pitch, the comedy remains resoundingly unfunny despite the strained efforts of stars Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear.

December 23, 2003
Top Critic

Audience Reviews for Stuck on You


The Farrelly Brothers go mainstream and go Hollywood in one fell swoop with this film that's less on the shock or off the wall elements that they're typically known for (beyond the opening premise) and sure to include as many celeb cameos as humanly possible (hitching a ride on a possible gravy train!). Although well thought out and executed at the end of the day the work fails to connect, which is why nobody notes the thing in reference to nobody nohow. Ever. An okay if disappointing great-might-have-been.

Kevin M. Williams
Kevin M. Williams

Super Reviewer

Doesn't get the laughs of some other Farrelly Brothers movies, (Dumb and Dumber, There's Something About Mary and Kingpin still being their best), but Stuck on You displays a humanity and sensitivity that's absent from a lot of their films as they go somewhere where I've never seen another movie go: a story about conjoined twins. It's a decent skewering of skin-deep Hollywood, but ironically, it's one that never quite gets beneath the surface. The Cher bits were good, though - why did she take this role? - and this is one of my favourite Greg Kinnear performances... and if you know my reviews, you know the guy annoys the heck out of me, so that's saying a lot. A few great jokes and some funny cameos, but overall there's nothing too special here.

Daniel Perry
Daniel Perry

Super Reviewer

Hilarious! A must see!

Bethany Murphy
Bethany Murphy

Super Reviewer

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