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La dolce casa degli orrori (Sweet House of Horrors) Reviews

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½ August 13, 2011
One of Fulci least seen attempts and one of his final films before his death. Made for TV and it isn't that good. The Plot is just everywhere and it mixes being a fairy tale with just horror.

By the end if you can get it and if you love horror you might get a kick out of this.
August 27, 2010
A less than mediocre Fulci film.
½ December 14, 2009
I believe that this one was later remade into BEETLEJUICE!
½ November 16, 2009
I thought maybe this'd be good in some way since everyone talks shit on it but every now and then you'll have to join everyone else. Movie sucks hard and the only gore is in the first 5 minutes. The rest of the movie is a huge bore and really nothing happens. Some funny dubbing here and there but it's really just an exercise on how to fill a large amount of time with wasted film and not go anywhere with it and you know it's a bad sign when you're writing a review on a movie while you're still watching it.
June 5, 2009
Absolutely dreadful, stupid and senseless. Hilarious and I loved every minute! Holy fuck Fulci!
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