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½ September 10, 2013
The only man to successfully escape from Alcatraz returns to retrieve a safety deposit box key securing his fortune. Good premise which unfortunately paroles itself into a conventional slasher flick with an outrageous conclusion. Clint Eastwood portrays the same Frank Morris character in ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ, and probably offers more depth than Aldo Ray's thug but a debate can be made who played the role better.
February 21, 2013
Frank Morris (same guy Eastwood played in Escape From Alcatraz), the only man to escape from Alcatraz and presumed dead, returns to the prison decades later to find a map in an inmate's cell to a hidden safety deposit box key. All goes according to plan until a young Alcatraz know-it-all tourist recognizes him. Really liked the premise but needed better execution in places - see the pointless restaurant scene near the end. Great closing scene though, that old bank teller can finally retire.
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