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½ July 7, 2011
Terrible production and a lackluster spy plot. Even worse are the unconvincing battle scenes and idiot bad-guys. Although because of this it can be viewed as a real gem.
January 31, 2011
I donâ(TM)t know whatâ(TM)s the worst part about this movie: the lopsided plot (all the crucial action taking place in the last 30 minutes with the rest being mere preparations), the clumsy acting combined with the smartass and sometimes quasi-piquant dialogues (sooo not funny!), the fact that many of the dialogues are presented in a dull fashion that makes you lose attention, missing possibly crucial information about the story, the put-on macho behaviour of main character (Morgan, played by Christopher George), the caricatural Carribean locals, the obscure relevance of the title, or ... well, letâ(TM)s talk of it no more. âThe Delta Factorâ? is not the worst movie Iâ(TM)ve ever seen, but it does make the top ten. The only thing itâ(TM)s got going for it is the theme and the story set-up (spy movie with a secret mission, a lot of hush-hush, travelling around in exotic locations, escaping attacks, breaking into fortified buildings to liberate important prisoners, etc.). For the rest, it is clumsy, amateuristic, unimaginative, low-budget and very very very B-movie (in the worst possible sense).
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