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The Girl in the Stone (La nina en la piedra) Reviews

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November 17, 2008
WOW!! It was nothing of whatvi had originally expected. The film starts a bit slow as i introduces the main characters and story, it has beautiful cinematography and is about teenagers larning about love. It seemed like another amarte duele but i was wrong. the film turns out to be a very dark film tat picks up pace too a culminatin climactic finish. Kind of disturbng but definately well directd and the main actors give a good performance. There is simplicity but it i complex at the same time. this fiilm is not for everyone but i trully enoyed it.
½ August 19, 2007
Horrible!! La trama es igualita a la de "Perfume de Violetas" HASTA LAS MISMAS ACTRICES!!!
August 18, 2007
la recomiendo ampliamente
August 17, 2007
Not great but not THAT bad. The main issue here is that the "grown-ups" performances are so awful that ruin the entire effort of the teen cast that perform as if there were no tomorrow, GOOD FOR THEM! The entire teen cast shines beautifully but the best-in-show is by far Sofia Espinosa that delivers probably the best performance in mexican cinema in 2006. Gabino Rodriguez is also great but Ricardo Polanco steals his thunder but not even them can steal the show from the extremely beautiful and talented Sofia Espinosa. It's also nice to realize Ximena Ayala has matured as an actress and now feels as natural and great as it can be. Nice film with a great final-30-minutes but not a great beginning.
August 9, 2007
Sólo si te gustó Perfume de Violetas.
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