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September 3, 2013
Super bad. I mean BAD.
August 11, 2012
Very good and interesting . He was part of the history of Washington D.C. He understood what the people wanted he allowed us a voice. He made a human error in life and paid for it. But he did what his voters wanted. (He allowed us democracy) He allowed us to vote for many things where is the new mayors give us no voice, in what the people here want. We just wake up and read the news with what they have chosen for us. That would include the council members also. We no longer have a voice.
½ January 24, 2012
Its still unfathomable after all these years peoples trust that they have in this guy. Oh well, hes not my mayor.
½ December 25, 2011
An even-handed, though highly abbreviated (only 78 mins) take on the saga that has long defined politics in the District. The film is sequenced very well, providing ample context for the rise of Barry while visibly demonstrating the man's physical and cognitive decline. What it does fail to do is to detail in specifics any element of both Barry's actions in office and that of his subsequent trial and return to office. The looks inside the modern Ward 8 election cycle and Barry's electorate are compelling, but this film falls far short of definitive, seemingly content to use the equivalent of news feature footage and to highlight the general story of the saga. Still essential viewing for the many new residents of the District Metroplex that know nothing of the city's politics and past history.
October 31, 2011
Some movies I struggle on the rating to give, but this one I immediately gave the movie 4 stars. It is a true life story of a person that struggles with the same issues that any person on any level of life struggles with. He had, no strike that, he has a drug problem. This documentary shows that this struggle with addiction or weakness attacks a person no matter what level you are in society. You can be Mayor or a regular worker bee. Womanizing can attack at the highest office in this country or attack a Mayor. This movie shows that struggle. This movie shows how lying can cause a person to hurt their friends and family. The saddest part of this movie was at the end when we learned he was still using drugs and had lied to his godson. That is true pain. That is true emotion. This is real reality TV.
½ December 17, 2010
Definitely an unforgettable story. One that you walk away from in utter disbelief that this man continues to get elected.
½ September 16, 2009
"The Nine Lives of Marion Barry" is a heartbreaking tragedy of a film, the story of a well-loved man who wanted to make a difference...and who ended up becoming all that he had seemingly fought against: an adulterer, a drug addict, a corrupt elected official.

What makes this story more tragic are the second (and third, and fourth) chances that Barry gets. As a viewer, you find yourself--against all logic--rooting for him to finally make the right choice, only to watch as he disappoints those closest to him again and again.

This is a flawlessly executed documentary, extremely involving and frustrating, the sort of story you hope--by the end--is fictional, and will disappear the moment you turn off your television. Oh, but it's true, sadly.
September 5, 2009
I recently caught this on HBO. the doc includes his recent run and win ward 8 councilman.
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