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May 28, 2014
An hour and nine minutes spent in the company of George Sanders could never be considered wasted. He's on fine form here as The Saint, that suave motherfudger - equally adept at locking lips with a lovely lady, dishing out bunches of five on the street, and hatching a plan to make some race-fixing racketeers confess to their crime, thus absolving his mate Inspector Fernackapan (to be sure). It's so good that one hardly misses Greavsie at all...
November 24, 2012
#4 in this series still finds george sanders in the title character.
October 31, 2012
Entertaining programer with the George Sanders once again playing Simon Templar AKA The Saint. This time the Saint helps detective who's been framed by a racketeer. It's nothing brilliant, but Sanders as The Saint is what makes it worth watching.
September 6, 2012
The 5th film in the series of The Saint films produced by RKO Radio Pictures and the 4th one with George Sanders as Simon Templar. This one has a good plot and it seems to have come out best, and has some funny dialogue and some good moments of suspense as well. Simon Templar (Sanders) comes over from London to help Inspector Fernack (Jonathan Hale),who has hunted Templar down over the years but has also become a friend to Templar too. Fernack has been framed in a corruption scandal and subsequently disgraced. Templar comes over to help Fernack clear his name, but Templar ends up with Ruth Summers (Wendy Barrie), who he met on the cruise ship over from England, she's wanting to find out what happened to her murdered brother, and they end up with gangsters Albert 'Rocky' Weldon (Roland Drew) and Clarence 'Pearly' Gates (Paul Guilfoyle), who stole $90,000, and they were the ones who framed Fernack. So, Simon Templar hatches a plan to bring the gangsters to justice, and clear Fernack of any wrong-doing, but he ends up falling in love along the way. There's a light touch about this one, and it's a good film too, maybe the best one so far. Sanders is very comfortable in the role too. This has the benefit of a good plot and again, good camerawork.
August 11, 2012
A framed policeman and a series of murders gives the saint plenty to deal with.
September 8, 2009
good B movie fare in the series of Saint movies
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