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August 31, 2016
What do you expect..? It's a snowboarder documentary. As interesting as watching Ryan Sheckler skateboard. You know that he thinks he's better than Tony Hawk. And you know what?! He's not!! No one's better than Tony Hawk. Yeah his latest entries of Pro Skaters aren't best, but the fans will know that there is something better yet to come. By God he did a 900! Have faith!
½ August 31, 2016
It wasn't very good, and I'll tell you why. Tony Hawk could've made a masterpiece of a film by simply staring at the camera and farting quietly because damnit that man makes me quiver. Shaun White is a pleb and looks like Carrot Top. But Carrot Top as a girl. He sucks my left nut and licks my right, nobody should watch this film if they respect the art form of skateboarding and not being stupid.
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