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March 8, 2008
c ce que je pense de la vie
February 21, 2008
It says this movie is told from the point of view of the killer but the film follows the sheriff through the investigation and has nothing much to do with the killer. The must trilling part of this film is when the killer is leaving town and reminds us that a serial killer could be sitting right beside you and you'd never even know it.
January 30, 2008
Murderous barber? Check. Alaskan village where the sun never comes up? Check. The Barber oddly relies on two plot devices to get its simplistic tale across (the barber is killing people in an Alaskan village where the sun never comes up), with Malcolm McDowell narrating all the while.
January 25, 2008
Malcolm doing it again. Also see him in "Evilenko". Another serial-killer movie he played in. Tru story thatone is ;)
½ January 21, 2008
I really enjoyed this movie, and it doesn't hurt that Malcolm McDowell is awesome
January 1, 2008
"The Barber" is a tale of a small Alaskan town that discovers a serial killer on the loose as they are stocking up and settling themselves in for a hard winter.

The story is told through the eyes of the local barber - who knows everyone, and hears each of their stories and opinions as he cuts their hair. As suspicion falls from one person to the next in the close-knit community, the FBI arrives. The film becomes a tale about the individuals in the community; gradually revealing their stories and their secrets, from the inexperienced and often incompetent local Sheriff's Department to lonely members of the community indulging in unexpected relationships with their trusted neighbours. And it's because of that community trust that innocent girls are beginning to fall prey to a bigger threat than winter, or the S.A.D disorder that afflicts the towns inhabitants because of it.

There are a couple of nice edges to this film, one being the genuine sense of claustrophobia, as if the viewers too are hemmed into a town in the far north, surrounded by a 24 hour darkness and cut off by heavy snows. Another is McDowell's portrayal as the local barber, the town's agony-uncle and diplomat, though one who occasionally slips up and shows his off-kilter side.

I got this film very cheaply on Amazon and because of that, didn't expect too much from it; but it was a nice surprise and a worthwhile purchase. Seasonal, too ...
December 27, 2007
I picked it up when I saw "Malcolm McDowell" and sadly regret it. Asides from 1 or 2 moments of shining this movie is a rusty and boring little ditty that belongs in the bargain bin.
½ November 25, 2007
Vel... Litt langtekkelig med lite action sånn sett, men til tider interessant å se det fra den vinkelen...
November 20, 2007
A silly serial killer movie or Twin Peaks rip off in Alaska. I only watched this because of Malcolm McDowell. Either than our old droog friend, a total waste of time. There is even a totally predictable twist ending for the retarted film viewers out there. One extra star for Malcolm.
October 7, 2007
Add in the kills, and malcom mcdowell gettin bloody, and this flick would freakin rule.
September 15, 2007
I want that 94mins of my life back. Was a bad movie and definitely not one of malcolm mcdowell's best
½ August 17, 2007
...creepy narration, and a serial killing barber...makes it nearly perfect...
August 14, 2007
Although not entirely successful, there's plenty to enjoy in this charcter-based serial killer thriller, in which black comedy abounds. McDowell and the cast do a great job - highly recommended.
June 20, 2007
A decent psychological thriller, due in part to McDowell's eerie narration.
½ June 10, 2007
I liked this film alot its not as good as it could have been but great to see McDowell in a decent film since Gangster no.1
June 7, 2007
Predictable, but really spine chilling. Malcolm Mcdowell owns in this movie.
½ May 31, 2007
If yer into serial killer type movie check out this unknown flik
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November 13, 2006
this was filmed in a little town i used to live in all of downtown was overcrowed and covered in fake snow:P pretty crappy movie though filmed in little revelstoke bc canada or revelstoke alaska as it is in the movie:P
½ December 23, 2004
Malcolm McDowell stars in this interesting story of a psycopathic barber in a Alaskan town. The Alaskan weather which consists of winters full of darkness could have been used more as a backdrop for the murders but it still is used effectively. Better than I thought it would be.
½ December 31, 2002
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