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February 25, 2018
Quirky, underrated thriller with interesting characters. Malcolm McDowell is great as always.
September 4, 2013
He'll cut more than your hair--The Barber is a cut above!!
March 14, 2012
Very good! I saw this when it came out been a while.
½ December 20, 2011
When series of women are brutally killed in a wintery Alaskan town, the FB| are called in to solve the case. But is it possible that a member of the town's community knows more about the slayings then he is letting on?

This is another example of how enjoyable black comedies can be when they are made well. Malcolm McDowell plays the title role with his usual quiet mania, and the rest of the small cast all play the dark humour and pathos excellently. The story is not original and has a few holes in it, but the viewer can happily wave these away as the cast all play the mix of dark humor, pathos and slight oddness excellently, and compliment the setting of the small town in the middle of nowhere perfectly. The lack of any on-screen killing and gore is no great loss, as it adds to the whole sense of "did he do it or not". The only gripe I have is the ending feels a little rushed and certain things are not explained particularly well. All in all this is a good little black comedy that had me giggling in places and I would recommend you check it out.
February 15, 2011
A depressing experience topped off by one of the stalest lead acting performances in recent memory. That's not to say The Barber isn't good for a laugh. It's hysterically awful, and it wouldn't be unfair to suggest a real barber cut the script to shreads before they made it on set, because I'm sure they are making this shit up as they go along. Whether it's McDowell feigning a broken key or complimenting a lady's pubic region, just try to remember that somebody actually WROTE THIS!
December 25, 2010
Filmed in Revelstoke, Kathleen , Paul's partner worked as an extra on this movie.
September 29, 2010
Malcolm McDowell should stick to playing serial killers.
November 20, 2009
An excellent thriller based on Alaska's winter nights, where there is no sunlight in months. The local barber Dexter (Malcolm McDowell) is a serial killer, who kills women. Local police and fbi agent are clueless and bodies are piling up. Malcolm McDowell was fantastic as the lead and the villain, who even has voice-over on happenings. Rest of the cast were ok at best, but this is really made for Malcolm McDowell fans out there.
November 15, 2009
Actually It was filmed in Revelstoke, British Columbia Canada
October 27, 2009
Good movie about a psychopath living in Alaska...not a great movie but a good one.
½ October 21, 2009
nice and smooth psychopath.. although no violent sceenes involved
June 27, 2009
While this movie was not in any means original, it was enjoyable. Malcolm McDowell was great, as he always is. His character was a little too pompous for my liking, and the similarities to Dexter are a little much.

That aside, it was enjoyable. The backdrop of an Alaskan town pitch black because of constant night added an ominous feel to everything. The characters were pretty interesting too.

Worth a watch.
½ April 22, 2009
Run of the mill little story about a serial killer barber (played by Malcolm McDowell) in a small Alaskan town where it is always dark. The writers try to be clever by making the barber witty and likable, but you end up disliking him anyway, making the fact hat he gets way in the end just unsatisfactory (sorry if I ruined the end of the movie for everyone, but I didn't like it!). Plus the monologue type voice-over just sound contrived.
The movie is bearable, but I wouldn't recommend it to people!
April 2, 2009
I trust Felix B. She is supposed to be my movie soul mate.
½ January 7, 2009
i acually liked this movie but i hate that fact that they never caught that fucked up barber and the one that new it was the barber they killied him that pissed me off
½ September 8, 2008
Pretty standard mystery-horror flick that can pretty much be written off as fodder for the genre. The only thing that really makes The Barber stand out is Malcom McDowell's performance, which is splendid, as usual. Otherwise, the story is standard and the acting is decent, the setting is nice but the continuity could use some work. All right as a time killer.
August 28, 2008
well the killer was good in general the film is good have blood,suspense is not wonderfull but is great
July 8, 2008
it only got BIG marks due to it was filmed in Revelstoke. A town i still love and miss

The reason why I rated this movie is mainly as its filmed in a town I lived on and off for 21 yrs. Its a slow movie but seeing the town i love the most in the world Revelstoke Bc Canada makes up for it
½ April 29, 2008
Une montée de violence inexorable. Un film original, très stylé.
Super Reviewer
March 21, 2008
Pretty good little horror/suspense film that is mostly interesting because of McDowell's performance and the location. Not a bad watch at all.
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