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½ January 3, 2005
(DVD) (First Viewing, 1st Deville film)

I mean, just [i]horrid[/i]. A very inconsequential late Bardot social comedy where spoiled socialite Bardot battles with mild-mannered bourgeois Jean-Pierre Cassel until they fall in love in time for the final kiss. Actually, the film itself that is the problem (it's extremely crude screwball comedy, but has some clever visual gags), it is the Koch Vision DVD that is spectacularly bad. As if cropping the picture (so whole sections of the credits are gone) and giving the film an embarrassing dub job isn't bad enough, they present this apparently color film in black and white(!). I watched it during a bout of insomnia, and it played like a nightmare. [i]Film itself: 2/10[/i], [i]Presentation: 0/10[/i], [i]Final Grade: 1/10[/i].
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