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January 29, 2018
n this Christmas movie, businessman, Braxton Bennett, tries to have it legally pronounced that Santa doesn't exist, therefore doing away with Christmas spirit. When Santa is served, he goes to fight the suit and meets Lily. She's a young girl who believes in Santa and Christmas. She completely believes he really is Santa when he tells her what he brought her for Christmas last year. When she hears of Santa's problem, she coaxes her father, Michael Sherman (a lawyer) into helping him. Micheal thinks the man is insane and is worried that being associated with the case will cost him credibility as a lawyer. Why is Bennett suing Santa Claus? He obviously doesn't have Christmas spirit.

This is a nice holiday movie with a good cast. There is even a bit of romance in it with widowed Michael and his friend Lauren. I enjoyed this movie and children will too. Thanks to Santa, his elves and the workshop.
½ July 4, 2016
Sweet story for the holidays. Cast is good. Exactly what you expect from Hallmark.
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