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July 6, 2017
Plot isn't as developed as I thought but superior acting from Olivier, Lancaster and Douglas save this otherwise forgettable film.
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½ July 5, 2017
The third of seven collaborations between screen icons Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas benefits greatly from the performance of co-star Sir Laurence Oliver. But, the film suffers from problems that led to the movie's director being replaced in the midst of production.

The filmmakers had a difficult time handling the satire of George Bernard Shaw's play. I saw the movie before learning the director was replaced and remember feeling as if there were two distinct hands behind the filming.

Nonetheless this film has some admirable qualities.
July 4, 2017
Great story with great actors. Worth seeing several times
July 10, 2015
Cheesy and overly dramatic, but I enjoyed the cast, the stop animation and of course love being patriotic.
July 26, 2014
(First and only viewing - 4/28/2010)
April 24, 2013
The movie is ok, Douglas and Lancaster at their best make it worth it.
August 31, 2011
good satire:) another great teaming of lancaster and douglas.
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