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August 1, 2016
Another pretty cool Lovecraft adaptation. Classic Full Moon. It's too bad this couldn't get fleshed out into a full feature...
October 13, 2014
The Evil Clergyman isn't supposed to be its own movie. Originally created as part of the film Pulsepounders it was thought to have been lost as the original film was never released before the film company producing it went under and got bought out.
After many many years, some of the footage from the film was found and with some new work (music, sound FX, etc.) the original producer of Pulsepounders has released one of the anthology segments and presto... The Evil Clergyman is born.
The film itself is a decent short with some good direction from Charles Band and fabulous acting from the reunited Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton. Of course, David Warner and David Gales aren't bad either ;)
For the uber Lovecraft fans, this is something to search out to complete the collection but as it is merely a portion of a much larger film and as such would be considered a short film by itself, The Evil Clergyman is not something most people need to track down to see. Fullmoon fans will likely seek it out but most others can simply wait until it comes around and they get the opportunity to see it. While it's worth watching, it's not worth everybody looking for it.
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