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February 14, 2016
Pretty good western with the perpetually creepy smiling Tim Holt trying to figure out why a town proprietor wants a landowner killed. Its only an hour, so lots of western cliches are thrown at us from all sides.
½ September 16, 2015
Corny western about the weirdly smily Tim Holt winning an outlaw's horse and then when he rides into a new town is mistaken for the killer. Holt then is offered a job to kill a cantankerous prospector. Things get complicated when townsfolk want to collect the reward for the outlaw Holt was mistaken for and even more so when the actual outlaw shows up. I think where this film really fell apart is that it wants to be a western comedy and its' not a very funny film and Holt does not seem to really have any comedy chops. I really do like Holt as an actor and felt that he wasted his talent by starring in endless B-westerns, but overall, this is probably the worst of his cheap-o westerns that I've seen.
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