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The Five Man Army (Un esercito di 5 uomini) Reviews

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½ July 16, 2016
good historical period pic
½ September 12, 2015
It should stand to reason that a film with a title like "The Five Man Army" would seem like a riotously entertaining action romp. However, what we get instead is a sub-par spaghetti Western with some of the clichés that came to embarrass the genre in its later years. The film does start in a somewhat promising manner, but it quickly went south from there on out, languishing in a slowly paced plot that seems to be devoid of energy or imagination. The characters are competently played, but they seem really bland, to the point that they even dress almost alike. On top of that, there's no real reason for me to care about the characters, probably because the whole film is more boring than anything else. It's like watching an extended episode of an old TV Western show. At the very least it delivers in terms of action, but it's only just enough for what has turned out to be a decidedly standard Western. I'd recommend this film only to any cowboy film fans who aren't particularly picky over what they watch. Otherwise, prepare to be disappointed and bored.
½ April 19, 2013
A Caper, a Western, a Cause--Spaghetti alle Americana!!
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