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July 26, 2016
A film about a diamond cutter and yet doubted by his employers abilities.

Then when Red Skelton's character gets drunk someone discovers him. Comes up with a con to rob him of his money but as he finds out that Red Skelton is more valuable than just a few hundred dollars they create a con to find his family to create trust in Red Skelton's character. Eventually Even though Red Skelton's character at the end feels disheartened for being lied to and did not really find his real family he was able to prove his diamond cutting ability and was able to find a lover.

Personally I did not find this film all that funny for a Red Skelton film. It mostly revolved around the crooks and trying to get away by stealing.
½ July 16, 2016
another good n funny vehicle for red skelton when I was a kid I thought his last name was skeleton!
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