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January 22, 2019
In this detective story, a private eye must send his fiancee to prison as he truly believes that she was involved in a bank robbery. Unfortunately, she is innocent. Still she serves her time. Upon her release someone frames her for murder. The detective is in quite a quandary until the real criminal is found. The woman finally returns to her beloved private eye. More romantic melodrama than 'noir' 'The Hunted' still shines as 'Belita ' the "Ice Queen" who was in the 1936 Olympic games as a figure skater for England ; serves up a great cat and mouse performance as Laura Mead . B-film crime story ably directed by Jack Bernhard. The Hunted is lit on 'noir' but is still a great Crime, Drama and Film-Noir in the end . Highly entertaining .
November 28, 2018
Shifty-eyed blonde Laura Mead, fresh out of prison after a four-year stretch for a diamond robbery that she claims she knew nothing about, is followed from a bus station by world-weary cop Johnny Saxon. Their connection? Saxon--her ex-boyfriend!--just happens to be the cop who arrested her. Eventually, a murder is committed, the mystery deepens--was she framed by the real thief, as she has always insisted?--and the flames of romance, despite their reservations, are rekindled. The acting is only fair--as Laura, Belita (a figure skater by trade, hence the long skating sequence smack in the middle) delivers a flat, one-note performance, and Preston Foster's hard-bitten lawman is only marginally better. Jack Bernhard's direction might satisfy noir fans, but so little happens that Allied Artists should have dubbed this one "The Stunted"--it's one of those flicks that starts off strongly, then isn't allowed room to grow.
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