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August 8, 2011
The Intruder Within (Peter Carter, 1981)

Billed as an Alien ripoff, but honestly, I didn't see that as much as I did a few other sci-fi-horror hybrids. And not nearly as awful as I was led to believe, despite some howl-inducing acting. Carter, who made only one before film before his untimely 1982 death, gives us the events on an oil well in the middle of nowhere, on a secret missions when it's supposed to be in drydock for repairs. (I didn't know they dry-docked oil wells.) They're working at the behest of Scott (The Black Hole's Joseph Bottoms, Timothy's brother), supposedly a company geologist looking for alternative oil sources. But we know better by the eerie music that comes on whenever he's on screen, right kiddies? They strike gold when they bring up a bunch of eggs‚"and one live creature, who bites a worker. The ‚geologist‚? takes the eggs back to his (surprisingly sterile for a mad scientist) lab, while the guy who got bit is looking paler and paler...

It's silly, and no better than a way to kill an hour and a half when you don't have anything else to watch, but Jennifer Warren (Slap Shot) in the female lead is a solid enough draw any time she's onscreen, backed up on the cute factor by Lynda Mason Green (The Shape of Things to Come). Playing opposite them are Chad Everett (Airplane II as the hunky foreman and Rockne Tarkington (Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry) as his right hand man. Cheap thrills indeed, but fun if you're in the mood. **
½ July 18, 2010
I remember watching this movie in 1981, when I was 9 years old. Putting myself in that frame of mind, Iliked it. Sure, it has similarities to Alien, but taking place on an oil rig makes for a neat setting. During some very deep drilling, some mysterious eggs are brought up....and yep, you guessed it, one hatches. Workers start disappearning, and there is no way off the rig.

If you can put yourself into a 1981 frame of mind as far as film quality and special effects, it's not bad. If you try to compare the effects to Avatar, you will be disappointed.
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