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May 20, 2019
If you are bored and have nothing better to do knock yourself out. It had a cute couple. It's really just drinking and sex and no story. It is more enjoyable at 2 am because you can sleep through the whole thing.
May 20, 2019
This movie it's not great directed. Trying to talk about all the typical cliches of juvenile love but doing it in the worst way. Not even one story was solid. I love romantic comedies and this is one of the worst movies ever made.
May 16, 2019
Stylishly shot and paying homage to my beloved Chicago, The Last Summer is nonetheless a vapid teen romance film with an uninspired plot, and lackluster acting and writing.
May 15, 2019
Where is the plot? The movie leaves a lot to be desired.
½ May 14, 2019
Strengths: This cast is actually filled with a lot of talented young actors. KJ Apa (Griffin) and Maia Mitchell (Phoebe) both do very well as the main romantic storyline. They have chemistry together and their scenes feel natural. Both actors get to show off mixed emotions about a variety of things throughout the movie. I think Sosie Bacon (Audrey) does a good job playing a different kind of character than we're used to from her, while Halston Sage (Erin) and Tyler Posey (Ricky) both show some charisma.

Weaknesses: They sell this movie as being about a group of friends. You would never guess that from watching it. Most of the characters never meet or connect at all. It makes it so the movie feels completely disjointed. It comes across more like a series of short stories rather than one cohesive film. There are some serious pacing issues here. The movie felt long when I paused it, only to find out that there was another hour and ten minutes left. I again had the problem when I thought I was up to the final 15 minutes, only to find there was another 38 minutes remaining. It feels closer to three hours than less than two. The writing is another big issue. There are so many questionable character decisions and even that is outweighed by a barrage of bad dialogue.

Overall: The cast tries hard. That's about all I can say here. They are totally let down by bad writing, horrid pacing, and a disjointed plot.
May 14, 2019
This is one of the better Netflix rom-coms. It reminds me of "Men, Women, & Children" because of its multiple simultaneous storylines that are all semi-connected. Phoebe and Griffin's relationship is to me just a standard but well done romance. Most of the other stories were just okay. They didn't have anything special and don't stand out as stories. The film itself is pretty to look at and hosts high quality acting (as expected of Netflix). It is engaging, well paced, and nicely done, but it never makes you feel really strong emotions as you'd hope it would.
½ May 11, 2019
The one thing that I liked about this the most is that it didn't focus on just one character (or a 'love team'). It's reminiscent of the likes of New Year's Eve and Love Actually -- which I'm very fond of. Not too shabby if you're looking for a feel-good chick flick.
May 9, 2019
nowadays, if we like a teen romantic movie we are dragged to filth by our comrades, especially if it is a netflix film. this introduction serves a purpose, of course: i enjoy the movie more than a bit, actually. and i am going to be honest: i donĀ“t know if I am fond of having appreciated this movie. But i am not going to defy my feelings. I had fun while watching and a lot of scenes and situations felt weirdly relatable to me. I have to add that this summer is going to be my "last summer" so you should not trust my opinion. My feelings might have gotten the best of me.
May 7, 2019
The writing is ridiculously bad. The main male actor does a cringe worthy job with no inspiration. Probably just wanted the job because Netflix romcoms get buzz. Not worth a watch, has nothing important to say.
May 6, 2019
The acting is so cringe-worthy and I'm not sure what message this movie is suppose to be sending.
May 5, 2019
it wasn't bad but there so much room for improvement
½ May 5, 2019
Not bad. It definitely could have been better. I like that it didn't put its focus on just one couple. Reminiscent of New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day.
May 4, 2019
A teen romantic comedy that strives so hard to be a John Hughes concoction. Whereas Hughes found the humanity in his teen characters, "The Last Summer" only gives us cliches. I've seen these characters hundreds of times in the movies, yet the filmmakers present them as if they are offering something fresh.The cast, of course is unbelievably attractive and they all act in a way that is only done in the movies.
May 3, 2019
Just another dull film about the end of college. At about one hour to the start, the actor who plays Santos says "pretty cool, huh" three times in three minutes! The audio is terrible too. Just do yourself a favour and pick another film..
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