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The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress Reviews

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June 24, 2018
Propaganda of course, but still moving to see a large piece of our history
½ March 30, 2018
Superb, stirring documentary. 9/10

1943 and the allied bombing campaign is at its peak. The Memphis Belle is a B-17 "Flying Fortress" bomber in the US 8th Air Force. Its crew have completed 24 missions - one more and they go home. A documentary film crew captured their 25th mission, from preparation on the ground onwards.

Superb documentary, directed by William Wyler. Captures very accurately the day-to-day lives of US bomber crews in Europe, including the dangers and sacrifices made. Good detail of the mission itself.

Great footage, shot specifically for the documentary. The lives of the documentary crew were also in danger...

Narration is stirring and brings home the importance of the bombers' roles, as well as how endangered the crews' lives were. Very sobering and emotional.

The documentary inspired the great 1990 feature film, Memphis Belle.
September 28, 2016
½ March 23, 2014
It's like sitting in a 1940's theater watching news reels.
½ September 24, 2012
Fantastic archive footage ~ the real deal
June 4, 2012
no info = no interest
Super Reviewer
½ April 2, 2012
Singled out to represent the heroic U.S. 8th Air Force, the Memphis Belle and her crew survived 25 bombing missions against the German war machine of WWII. This documentary contains actual combat footage as well as a few staged and reenacted scenes designed to emphasize the importance of these missions and to raise the morale of wartime movie audiences.
½ October 15, 2009
Fantastic archive footage ~ the real deal
May 26, 2009
A great piece of heart-stirring propaganda-- at least if you're an American like me!
February 16, 2009
story of 10 young flyers in completing their missions on air raids in wwII.Nice and heart warming!!
January 17, 2009
this original is yhe true film
January 1, 2009
one of the best war movies made
½ December 19, 2007
good rare colour footage of B17s going to war. must see for any ww2 aviation enthusiast
½ October 27, 2007
It's an interesting look at WW2 and bombing. I enjoyed watching it, and if you like history about war you should check it out. It should be on YouTube.
October 18, 2007
My history teacher actually made us watch this movie as a class project.
½ September 4, 2007
look mummy, there's an airplane up in the sky
August 13, 2007
Awesome propaganda film!
July 6, 2007
Nice propaganda movie ;)
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