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July 3, 2011
Fantastic film about a family whose must survive a night of constant tornadoes. Much better than "Twister".
May 12, 2011
I remember this being a lot of fun on tv when I saw it when it came out.
½ October 31, 2010
Ok, this film has a special place for me...don't know why! The film is mediocre (but thats to be expected for a made for TV movie). A young Devon Sawa really plays his character well. What I don't like is how it takes place in a fictional town of Blainesworth (while Dannebrog is real, the film should've played a little more homeage to Grand Island). Secondly, the film should've been made more like the book (which was very true in nature to the Tornado Outbreak that occurred that day). The rating would be higher had this been a theatrical release with better special effects (how can we forget the tornado being feet behind the car, destroying everything....yet doing no damage to the car).

The movie has its moments....especially freaky moments when he first sees the tornado out the window in the dark of night, only being illuminated by the lightning.

I suggest this movie for the should be seen! It does have a good story and can teach lessons....however, it should've been more like the book (as I have pointed out!)
½ July 8, 2010
I accidentally gave a review to a movie named twister thinking it was this movie. This is a good movie ignore my other review. I watched this one with my sister back in the day good movie made me scared to death of storms.
½ June 25, 2010
I watched this movie every time it was on tv and would still watch it to this day.
May 8, 2010
Devon was so cute in this movie..

The movie ain't that bad either lol..
March 3, 2010
i believe this was a Tv film... But its one that has always stuck out in my mind! Great Film!
February 11, 2010
What? Twister? We've never heard of it, whats it about?
½ January 20, 2010
Worse that twister, I think that says an awful lot.
December 3, 2009
I remember loving this movie when I was younger but now when I watch it I wonder my taste but I guess a lot of movies were kind of like this one back then. The book was ten times better and this just proves the point that books are almost always better than the movie. But it's still fun to watch.
November 11, 2009
this one was always one of my faves.
October 2, 2009
good movie
at thoose time i was interesting in metheorology
& i enjoyed watch that kind of movies
September 21, 2009
Well, it was made for TV, and aside from the shoddy effects and sometimes incredibly cheesy acting, it wasn't that bad. It's about as good as a made-for-TV movie could be. Don't expect something like Twister or the tornado scene in The Day After Tomorrow. The CGI (if they even used it on this) is very low-grade and quite fake-looking. If you're looking for accurate depictions of tornadoes, see the previous two movies - especially Twister. However, if you're looking for a plot you can relate to, this is the one to go for. Twister is about storm chasing, and TDAT is about a massive climate change. This one is about a family's survival during a tornado outbreak - obviously something more people can relate to than the other two movies. That doesn't make this one better though. In a movie like this, you want strong acting as well as strong effects. The effects here are definitely not strong, and the acting is only modestly strong at best.

Why they opened the windows in the house when the first tornado hit and why they took shelter underneath an overpass is completely beyond me. Opening windows when a tornado approaches isn't going to help you or your house - in fact it puts less material between you and the tornado's winds. Taking shelter underneath an overpass just subjects you to the wind-tunnel effect created by the tornado - you could easily get sucked out. I don't know if Ivy Ruckman's book had both of these examples in there or not, as I haven't read it, but neither one of those will really help you in the event a tornado does occur.
½ June 9, 2009
Good story, okay acting, poor effects
½ May 5, 2009
Another favorite "tornado" movie!!
Super Reviewer
April 9, 2009
No thanks - Not interested.
March 4, 2009
doesn't hold up well efx wise
½ February 24, 2009
This came out almost the same time as Twister. Somehow, I think it's better despite having a smaller budget. There is certainly more story to it.
January 15, 2009
Anything to do with earths disasters I?ll watch
½ November 24, 2008
I like twister flicks as much as the next person but this one is just horrible.
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