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October 24, 2016
Hateful, abysmal, repulsive, grim, joyless, boring and completely moronic are the terms I would use to describe THE SKYDIVERS. The wholly incompetent Coleman Francis knew of no other way to direct even a seemingly-lighthearted premise in a completely clumsy and an utterly depressing, needlessly violent way- seemingly normal people commit heinous crimes in this movie for no reason and are then savagely shot and killed by other seemingly normal people. This film is worthless garbage- Coleman Francis really was not suited to direct films- and that is putting it VERY mildly.
November 15, 2015
Skydiving might look fun, but it's hard to make a movie around it. Instead, we get a really cheap drama with poorly shot "action" and a lame ending. It leads to unintentional hilarity.
May 30, 2015
The first full episode of "Mystery Science Theater 3000" featured this movie. Numerous hideous features from "The Skydivers" include badly edited death scenes of skydivers, an actress named Kevin, & a bizarre cast of thousands playing skydiver spectators who apparently outnumber the actors in "The Ten Commandments." Considering that this film is one of IMDb's twenty worst, this movie is best worth watching & laughing at, not with (besides, I'm sure it ain't a comedy).
½ September 8, 2012
To be fair, I saw only the Mystery Science Theater version.
½ June 6, 2012
I love Flixster's description of this movie, describing it as a "grim crime drama". That's pretty hilarious stuff. The Skydivers is another one of those movies, like a lot of movies I've seen lately, that should just put you right to sleep. It's so boring and anything but gripping, and there's hardly any skydiving to be had. It's more or less scenes of people dancing edited around a plot, or something trying to resemble a plot. I thought it was pretty awful, and I couldn't wait for it to end. The crew at Mystery Science Theater 3000 really try their best to make light of it, but even they're hard-pressed and can't make this boring movie enjoyable.
½ December 20, 2011
MST3K! Classic. Painful. I still like it better than Top Gun.
½ September 20, 2011
Stupid, terrible Coleman Francis film. I think the man has never heard of a plot before, and certainly doesn't know anything about pacing. The MST3K for this was pretty good though.
July 8, 2011
Bad but not the worst.
June 30, 2011
It is on the imdb bottom 100 for a reason but it isn't the worst...not even close. The Skydivers is pointless, bland, boring and not even remotely close to being a good movie. That said it isn't among the worst that I have seen. The script really has no point and is poorly written. When all is said and done you will have lost an hour and thirteen minutes of your life to this rubbish but at least it isn't an hour and a half.
November 29, 2010
One of mystery science theater 3000's finest moments and one of filmdom's most surreal. This is the second installment of the Coleman Francis trilogy (the dialog-challenged Beast from Yucca Flats' and the wonderfully execrable 'Red Zone Cuba' are the other two) and his reputation as the airport Felini is firmly cemented by this film. Skydiving. Romance. Intrigue. Nefarious plots. Torrid love affairs. Drug-fueled dance parties. Coleman Francis attempts them all and succeeds at none. well, except skydiving.

You can probably sum up the entire film with the mst3k comment "A man comes to town. Touches no ones life. And leaves"
½ August 29, 2010
Proving that you can make an activity as thrilling as skydiving feel like watching paint dry.
July 26, 2010
MST3K version was too funny though.
½ December 10, 2009
Quite possibly the plot was recycled into several Knight Rider, Fall Guy & Charlie Angel's episodes.
½ March 21, 2009
This is terrible! The acting is horrible, the plot is stupid ...the movie goes nowhere...its the most boring pointless piece of shit ever!! But laughable!!
½ February 23, 2009
Although Ed Wood gets a lot of publicity as the "worst director of all time", I think that honor really goes to Coleman Francis. Every one of his movies make little to no sense, has jarring editing, terrible dialogue, and the cast is full of his investors/friends. This movie involves some one who is mad at someone else who is cheating on someone else or something like that. I only really know that some one dies because they get acid on their parachute. Ooops! Spoiler alert!
½ December 31, 2008
"I am very gung ho on that idea."
½ December 23, 2008
As Mystery Science Theater 3000 opined: "It's like Manos [Hands of Fate] without the lucid plot."
September 12, 2008
this is so, so stupid. i don't even feel like writing a review for this one. i'd rather spend my time devising a way to build some sort of device to let me go back in time and stop myself from ever viewing this. it's poop. poop, i say!!
½ September 6, 2008
A good awful movie by Coleman Francis. He is simply one of the worst director's of all time in a so bad it's fucking bad way. Even Beast of Yucca Flats is more watchable than this, but that's not saying much at all.
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