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December 22, 2018
The best Christmas mystery ever. One of my top favs
December 6, 2018
It was so weird it was good. I like the romance between a ghost and a living person, but the ending was kinda iffy for me. Would've been better if he didn't come back.
December 3, 2018
The Spirit of Christmas is a sweet, charming, and enjoyable Christmas movie that fulfills its purpose of filing its viewer with warmth and joy. The actors were great, the plot was intriguing with a murder mystery to solve, and the happy ending was truly magical. Definitely worth watching if you're in the mood for some romance and a Christmas miracle.
November 28, 2018
I loved it! Found it made me forget my everyday happenings and just enjoy the hopeful ride in a beautiful location!
November 22, 2018
I serioisly love this movie. It is my favorite Christmas movie. The thing about Christmas anything is possible. I really hope this ends up under the tree this year. For now I will have to watch it on netflix. I personally dpnt think it is cheezy or low budget.
October 25, 2018
Have seen this movie twice and would watch it again. I love it. It's my favorite Christmas movie!
May 20, 2018
A love story that couldn't happen, but still enjoyable. Jen Lilley really is the one to watch.
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½ February 14, 2018
Cheesy low-budget shlock, The Spirit of Christmas is a fairly mundane made for TV movie from Lifetime. When Kate is tasked with getting a hotel appraised that's haunted by a ghost who's cursed to return every year at Christmas she makes a deal with him to help him find out how he died so that he can be freed to move on and she can proceed with selling the hotel. The plot is rather convoluted and doesn't make a lot of sense, as it does little to explain the curse. And the mystery of how the ghost died couldn't be more uninteresting. The performances are pretty lackluster as well, and the cast doesn't have much chemistry. Still, Jen Lilley is charming and does what she can to make the script work. Also, there's a bit of intrigue to the ghost's past life and how he was cursed, as well as some touching Christmas moments. The Spirit of Christmas isn't so much a bad movie as a poorly made one.
December 25, 2017
Obviously is not going to be winning any awards, but as hallmark type holiday movies it was entertaining and followed the tropes it had to. There are a lot of questions left about him being a ghost that are only half answered, but as the romance is put center stage you tend to be willing to forget about the plot holes for the sake of the rest of the story. If you like cheesy Christmas romcoms, you'll like this movie.
December 21, 2017
A romantic Christmas drama involving a no-nonsense lawyer and the ghost of a former prohibition-era rumrunner who haunts the inn that he was murdered outside of upon his return from a bootlegging trip to Canada. The logistics of the ghosts (yes plural) is not typical and also not logical, but this movie is okay. The romance blossoms well, and the acting is decent. Feels like a Hallmark Channel movie. Nothing spectacular, but you won't hate it.
½ December 8, 2017
The movie was good right until the very end. The writers sacrificed the story they'd put together in favor of the sappy ending. Oh well. It's still worth the watch for a cheesy holiday romance movie.
November 19, 2017
this movie is entertaining. I recommend it.
October 12, 2017
This was a great movie BUT it had some serious flaws. If you're doing a film about a ghost the flipping ghost should be able to move through walls. You should no be able to hold the ghosts hand and it's not supposed to be able to eat. Thomas Beaudoins ghost goes outside in the cold snow with no jacket to bring the point that he's a ghost but we can see his ears and face and nose turning red cause it's cold. Hallmark was being super cheap with this movie. There's no ghost it's just a man who is solid. That being said Jen Lilley had amazing acting in this and so did Thomas. It was cheesy but amazing. Although someone needs to file a complaint against the people directing this movie it only had like one setting and that was the inn. There was only pancakes and a tray of food served in the the entire movie. My question is where did the rest of the budget go that could have been used to make Daniel forsythe translucent and not a fake ghost. His ghost was like a fake Santa Claus at the mall. You knew you were being deceived.
June 15, 2017
It is an enjoyable Christmas movie with a twist. Its a romantic who done it with a tiny bit of a ghost story, but it is not an overbearing part of the story. I bought the DVD. Would recommend to all hopeless romantics and lovers of who done it stories.
½ March 27, 2017
Sweet and sappy and wonderful to watch for the holidays. This one is definitely going on my list of holiday must-watch flicks.
½ January 26, 2017
This is not a great movie. That being said, the title and the description should very easily give that away. Anyone choosing to watch this film is already on the hunt for a cheesy romance movie with very little grounding in likelihood, which fits this movie perfectly. That's why I gave this movie such a decently high rating. It's cheesy, stupid, and the acting isn't fantastic, but it made my heart happy in the most twelve-year-old girl way. I regret nothing about watching this, and I probably would watch it again.
December 28, 2016
A great Feel good movie!!!?
December 23, 2016
cute yet predictable.
½ December 15, 2016
Hmm, it was not exactly what I expected (they never have sex), but it was an okay way to pass the time. This movie implies that it is about a WWI era ghost and a modern women who find love together despite his curse and her inability to feel real emotion due to the fact that she is attorney and is incapable of romance. However, it actually appears to be about a modern fuckboy (note haircut) dressed exclusively in Banana Republic who stages a long con with his friend who owns an inn, pretends to be a ghost, gets the woman to fall in love via his bartending skills and shockingly current fashion taste, and presumably never calls her again (ghost/ghosting allegory?). Idk I really liked this move and recommend that all of my facebook friends watch it post haste. It is snowing a lot here in Cleveland, OHIO today and I had a pretty good time. Thats all for now, Luisa out!!!
December 9, 2016
2016-12-09 hubby thought it was 4.5, I wanted more of a plausible explanation of how he could stay at the end.
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