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March 15, 2018
Sold as a horror movie, a group of guys receive a cryptic postcard from one of their friends and they all decide to go out to a specific location to film the day to day life of people in a commune.
This is the first film in a long time that I just couldn't sit through to the end. I got to the 30 minute mark and absolutely nothing had happened. They go to the commune and it's just minute after minute of whiney millennials hanging around in the desert complaining about society and the modern world, doing boring, menial tasks and going to the toilet.
There have been many well made found footage horrors at this point that have set a certain standard for this type of film and The Triangle falls woefully short in every respect. The acting is wobbly at best, the camera work is unnecessarily shaky for hand held which is frustrating and just plain nauseating at points with blurry shots, weird angles and constantly jerky motions. Most importantly the pacing is that of an arthritic snail and your time would be better spent sleeping than watching this film, although the film may help send you off to slumber land.
This is one of the most mind numbing film experiences I've had for a long time and whoever was in charge of editing and any kind of pacing in the film needs to take a good hard look at themselves before making anything in the future.
December 10, 2017
I really wanted to like this film - and I'll concede that there's plenty to like: beautiful shots and sets, an intriguing twist on the cult theme, the candid or ad-libbed dialogue and interactions between the cast, etc. But, ultimately, it was a little too disorganized to stick its landing. More sizzle than steak, so to speak. Additionally, and without giving too much of the plot away, there's a noise (essential to the plot) that's featured throughout the final 30 minutes of the movie. This sound is very high pitched and sometimes lasts for several minutes at a time, drowning out important dialogue, but worst of all, giving me an actual headache. In fact, the sound design in general is a mess, and it's difficult to tell whether some of its features are intentional or simply amateurish. I get that certain sounds can be used effectively to create ambiance or play into the plot as this particular tone does in The Triangle. I also recognize that this kind of sound design can have a physical effect on an audience, but I didn't come away from it thinking, "Wow, what an interesting experience!" Rather, I came away from it in need of some aspirin. So, I'd say, if you're interested in cults or in beautiful cinematography, The Triangle may be worth checking out, but keep one hand on the remote, because depending on your tolerance for loud, high-pitched noises, you may find yourself, very suddenly, reaching for the volume button.
½ October 5, 2017
The acting in this film is really good. I had high expectations from the acting skills however it doesn't end up going anywhere and left me with more questions which felt nonsensical.
August 5, 2017
Felt inspired to rate at 5* but this is my first review and I've had some wine. Really enjoyed this keeping me company while I organized a pile of paperwork. I'm biased in favor of 'burn culture,' though, so who am I to say whether this is actually good? Would recommend to select friends. Will probably watch again to fold laundry or do some day-long cooking. And it's probably something I would put on at the tail end of a raging party. ?
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