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Critic Consensus: There's Something About Mary proves that unrelentingly, unabashedly peurile humor doesn't necessarily come at the expense of a film's heart.

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The Farrelly Brothers set this romantic comedy in their home state of Rhode Island. In 1985, when teen-nerd Ted Stroehmann (Ben Stiller) challenges a high-schooler who's bullying retarded Warren Jenson (W. Earl Brown), his concern prompts Warren's sister, the dazzling and desirable Mary Jenson (Cameron Diaz) to choose Ted as her senior prom date, a fact Ted's pals find hard to believe. However, on prom night, Ted gets his penis caught in his zipper, so the much-desired date never happens. Living in Providence and waxing nostalgic 13 years later, Ted hires Pat Healy (Matt Dillon) to locate Mary, and the creepy private investigator finds her in Miami, where she lives with her tan-shriveled roommate Magda (Lin Shaye). After Pat develops a stalker-style fixation on the lovely, unattached Mary, he lies to Ted, telling him that she's now an overweight mother confined to a wheelchair. Employing professional eavesdropping equipment, Pat gathers a dossier on Mary's life and future plans, information that forms the basis for more lies when Pat begins dating her. Sure enough, Mary falls for Pat, although her friend Tucker (Lee Evans) is very suspicious of Pat's claim to be a Harvard-educated architect. Meanwhile, Ted learns the truth but continues to encounter offbeat obstacles as he accelerates to Miami in hopes of finding happiness with his true love. Former Modern Lovers singer Jonathan Richman vocalizes a narrative ballad of onscreen commentary in the Cat Ballou (1965) tradition. Most of the cast sings and frolics to Build Me Up, Buttercup by The Foundations during the closing credits. ~ Bhob Stewart, Rovi

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Ben Stiller
as Ted Stroehmann
Matt Dillon
as Pat Healy
Lin Shaye
as Magda
Lee Evans
as Tucker/Norman
Richard Tyson
as Det. Krevoy
Brett Favre
as Himself
Markie Post
as Mary's Mom
Harland Williams
as Hitchhiker
Keith David
as Mary's Stepfather
Dan Murphy
as Boss' Brother
Rob Moran
as Detective Stabler
Jackie Flynn
as South Carolina Police
Hillary Matthews
as Dom's Wife
Willie Garson
as Doctor Zit Face/High School Pal
David Shackelford
as Coconut Guy
Lori Glick
as Friend 3
Jeffrey P. Lerner
as Car Hood Kid
Cory Pendergast
as Car Hood Kid
Herbie Flynn
as Homeless Man
Caryl West
as Medical Assistant 1
Ken Rogerson
as Pants at Ankles Guy
Brad Blank
as Paramedic
Steve Sweeney
as Police Officer
Steve Tyler
as TV News Reporter
Maureen Griffin
as Wine Waitress
Bob Farrelly
as Hot Dog Stud
Mariann Farrelly
as Driving Range Sweetie
Lenny Clarke
as Fireman
Daniel Greene
as Pizza House Man
Lagena Greene
as Pizza House Woman
Michael K. Budge
as Joe Bishop Look-Alike
Sean P. Gildea
as Prison Warden
Zen Gesner
as Bartender
Jesse Farrelly
as Dom's Kid
Anna Farrelly
as Dom's Kid
Zack Lee
as Mary's Little Friend
Valerie Bruce
as Nimord's Cafe Patron
Kelly O'Brien
as Office Assistant
Mike Charpentier
as Hot Club Patron
Peter Grundy
as Hot Club Patron
Michael Gannon
as Hot Club Patron
Peter Conway
as Hot Club Patron
Patricia Ann Conway
as Hot Club Patron
Susan O'Day
as Hot Club Patron
Heather Rosebeck
as Hot Club Patron
Jack de Shields
as Hot Club Barkeep
Fallon Shields
as Hot Club Barkeep
Bob Grundy
as Hot Club Barkeep
Nancy Farrelly
as Boardroom Babe
Billy Beauchene
as Insurance Spitballer
Kathy Beauchene
as Insurance Spitballer
Manny Barrows
as Insurance Spitballer
Michael Murphy
as Office Worker
Sheila Moore
as Officer Worker
Barbara O'Connor
as Ashtray Babe
Tim Sheehan
as Camera Hog
Richie Balsbaugh
as Cigar Smoker
Jim 'Sunshine' Blake
as Architect Partier
Tim Robbie
as Architect Partier
Providence Wissel
as Architect Partier
Ruth Michelle Meyer
as Architect Partier
Billy Meyer
as Architect Partier
Brian McGlaughlin
as Architect Partier
Brian Moore
as Architect Partier
John Stroehman
as Architect Partier
Pete Anicelli
as Architect Partier
Duana Knight
as Architect Babe
Kelley Schneider
as Architect Babe
Meda Thomas
as Architect Babe
Jeanie Flynn
as Cuban Dancer
Kevin Civali
as Cuban Dancer
Tom Leasca
as Cuban Dancer
Mercy Lopez
as Cuban Dancer
Scott Rosenberg
as Jail Bird
George Bedard
as Jail Bird
Terry Mullany
as Jail Bird
Rick Coleman
as Jail Bird
Michael Burke
as Jail Bird
Kris Meyer
as Jail Bird
Emilio Diaz
as Jail Bird
Billy Smith
as Jail Bird
Ed Nelson
as Jail Bird
Brian Stube
as Jail Bird
Don Daley
as Jail Bird
Frank Clem
as Strip Club Pervert
Julia Hissom
as Strip Club Pervert
Sport Ahern
as Strip Club Pervert
Robin Gau
as Strip Club Pervert
Paul Pelletier
as Cordosa Gawker
Monique Pelletier
as Cordosa Gawker
Johnny Mone
as Comic Book Kid
Nick Greenbury
as Fish Hook Kid
Andrew Greenbury
as Fish Hook Kid
Phil M. Rosenberg
as Cell Block Masseuse
John-Eliot Jordan
as Buttercup Singer
John Adamonis
as Buttercup Singer
Kyle Adamonis
as Buttercup Singer
Neil Pomfret
as Buttercup Singer
Ruth Pomfret
as Buttercup Singer
Joshua John Miller
as Buttercup Singer
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Critic Reviews for There's Something About Mary

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If the sight of a large chunk of a man's private parts caught in the teeth of a zipper is funny -- and I'm not saying it isn't -- then have I got a movie for you.

February 3, 2009 | Full Review…

This one is dumbest. And funniest, as if that matters even a little bit!

February 3, 2009 | Full Review…

Losers competing against one another (and even bigger losers) for a dishy woman: That's the setup for [the Farrellys'] wrackingly funny new farce There's Something About Mary, maybe the ultimate nerd masochistic fantasy.

February 3, 2009 | Full Review…

Crudely made, somewhat overlong and larded with plenty of things that don't work, pic stands as proof positive that a comedy can be far from perfect and still hit the bull's-eye if it delivers when it counts in its big scenes.

February 3, 2009

Despite my earlier reservations about Bobby and Peter Farrelly, they're progressively winning me over, partly because they keep getting better.

February 3, 2009

Remarkable for all the sick and politically incorrect sight gags it gets away with in its rule-breaking romp through the supposedly sacred laws of what makes people laugh, and what doesn't.

April 27, 2007 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for There's Something About Mary


Directors Cat
Directors Cat

Super Reviewer

The best movie by the Farrelly Brothers.

Lucas Martins
Lucas Martins

Super Reviewer

The Farrelly Bros. make a fun comedy-filled flick that presents the best in both Ben Stiller and Cameron Diaz. Though it suffers minor bumps it is still filled with laughter and jokes. 4/5

Eugene Bernabe
Eugene Bernabe

Super Reviewer

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