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Critic Consensus: While believable characters are hard to come by in Transformers, the effects are staggering and the action is exhilarating.

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The interstellar battle between the Autobots and Decepticons rains destruction down on planet Earth as director Michael Bay adapts Hasbro and Takara's popular Transformers franchise into a big-budget, live-action summer tentpole extravaganza in this ambitious sci-fi action feature starring Shia LaBeouf, Tyrese Gibson, Bernie Mac, John Turturro, Jon Voight, and, of course, Optimus Prime and Megatron. Long ago, on the planet of Cybertron, a massive, powerful alien race divided into two factions, the noble Autobots, and the devious Decepticons. They fought for the sole access to a talisman known as the Allspark, a cube with the capacity to grant infinite power, and eventually the Autobots smuggled it off the planet's surface, hiding it in an unknown location on Earth. Now, hundreds of years later, the Deceptacons have come looking for it, and if the Autobots don't find it first, the Earth will be enslaved or destroyed by the evil aliens' use of its massive power. The Autobots don't know where the cube was hidden, but the information may be stored in the most unlikely of sources, as a gangly young Earthling named Sam Witwicky (LaBeouf) who's just picked up his first car, has a strange connection to the Allspark's history, making him the unlikely ally of these enormous creatures, as they fight for humankind's survival and the chance to return home. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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Shia LaBeouf
as Sam Witwicky
Megan Fox
as Mikaela, Mikaela Banes
Josh Duhamel
as Lennox, Sergeant Lennox
Tyrese Gibson
as Epps, USAF Tech Sergeant. Epps
Rachael Taylor
as Maggie Madsen
Anthony Anderson
as Glen Whitmann
Jon Voight
as Defense Secretary John Keller
Michael O'Neill
as Tom Simmons
Kevin Dunn
as Ron Witwicky
Julie White
as Judy Witwicky
Zack Ward
as First Sergeant Connelly
Amaury Nolasco
as ACWO Jorge 'Fig' Figueroa
John Turturro
as Simmons, Agent Simmons
Luis Echagarruga
as Ranger Team Member
Patrick Mulderrig
as Ranger Team Member
Brian Shehan
as Ranger Team Member
Michael Trisler
as Ranger Team Member
William Morgan Sheppard
as Captain Witwicky
Bernie Mac
as Bobby Bolivia
Jimmie Wood
as Bonecrusher
Peter Jacobson
as Mr. Hosney
Glenn Morshower
as SOCCENT Sergeant
Lt. Frederic Doss
as SOCCENT Op-Centre Tech
Charlie Bodin
as SOCCENT Op-Centre Tech
Josh Feinman
as USAF Staff Sergeant
Chris Ellis
as Admiral Brigham
Steven Ford
as Four Star General
Michael Shamus Wiles
as Two Star General
Craig Barnett
as Air Force Major General
Brian Prescott
as Keller Aide
Scott Peat
as Pentagon Watch Commander
Colleen Porch
as Enlisted Aide
Brian Stepanek
as Sector Seven Agent
Jamie McBride
as Sector Seven Agent
Wiley M. Pickett
as Sector Seven Agent
Wiley Pickett
as Sector Seven Agent
Ronnie Sperling
as Lead Scientist
Sean Smith
as Scientist
Andy Milder
as R&D Team Leader
Brian Reece
as Moustache Man
Samantha Smith
as Sarah Lennox
Ravi Patel
as Telephone Operator
Rick Gomez
as Sheriff
Mike Fisher
as Football Coach
Colin Fickes
as Analyst
Tom Lenk
as Analyst
Jamison Yang
as Analyst
Esther Scott
as Glen's Grandmother
Madison Mason
as CNN Reporter
Jeremy Jojola
as News Reporter
Jessica Kartalija
as News Reporter
Andrew Altonji
as Café Kid
Andrew Caldwell
as Café Kid
J.P. Manoux
as Witness
Pete Gardner
as Witness
Sophie Bobal
as Little Girl
Laurel Garner
as Mom in Car
Chip Hormess
as Boy in Car
Ray Toth
as Pilot
Michael Adams
as AWACS Controller
Ron Henry
as AWACS Controller
Benjamin Hoffman
as AWACS Controller
Michael McNabb
as AWACS Controller
Jason White
as AWACS Controller
Adam Ratajczak
as Control Tower Tech
Maya Klayn
as Socialite
Michelle Pierce
as Socialite
Odette Annable
as Socialite
Mark Ryan
as Bumblebee
Jim Wood
as Bonecrusher
Peter Cullen
as Optimus Prime
Jess Harnell
as Ironhide/Barricade
Hugo Weaving
as Megatron
Charlie Adler
as Starscream
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Critic Reviews for Transformers

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It's not that Bay's vision for the robot-battle choreography is unimaginative. Rather, he lacks imagination to provide viewers with a way of putting all the pieces together for themselves.

March 20, 2018 | Full Review…

Thank god the Transformers speak primarily in proper nouns--if they hadn't shouted "Optimus! Megatron!" every time they struck a blow, I'd have no idea what was happening.

June 23, 2009 | Rating: C- | Full Review…

For the bot-neutral rest of us, two-and-a-half hours of mostly incoherent special effects may be a bit much.

October 18, 2008 | Full Review…
Top Critic

I challenge you to name another movie about an alien robot come to save the world while disguised as a yellow Camaro. Isn't it just an intergalactic Herbie the Love Bug?

July 31, 2007 | Rating: 2/4 | Full Review…

Films directed by Michael Bay are usually like being shouted at by a halfwit for two and a half hours, and Transformers is no exception.

July 30, 2007 | Rating: 1/5 | Full Review…
Top Critic

The script may have rubbery legs, but the action is rock-hard. The surprise is the lightness of touch: treat as a comedy for best results.

July 27, 2007 | Rating: 4/5 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Transformers

Since seeing Transformers Dark of the Moon, people have asked me to do a review on the other two films so ill start with the first. definitely one of the best action movies made, the effects are spectacular and breathtaking to look at, and with Peter Cullen back as Optimus Prime (the original voice of Prime) It just makes this action film all the better. Many people I know have complained about how, in the final, I dont know, 45 minutes with the whole city fight, everyone was complaining about how, like, "I can't tell who's who," "Who am I rooting for." I hear those complaints all the time about this film, and to me, I really didn't have a problem with it, after sitting through 2 hours of this I was pretty used to what each Autobot and Decepticon looked like. For instance, for the Autobots, i could tell it was prime because, everyone knows he's a Semi, but I also knew it was him from the voice and his colors, or say for the decepticons, I knew it was Starscream because of how he is a jet and has jet wings on his back, or Blackout, because he had helicopter propellers on his back, so I didn't have trouble with it. Another complaint I hear with this movie is that, the human scenes and characters are stupid and nobody watches a Transformers movie to watch the humans, personally I didn't mind them. I thought Shia Laboeuf was good, and Anthony Daniels, they were all great funny characters. All I have really left to say is that, the only problem I have with this movie is the police droid Barricade, You see him clearly in the city fight, but he vanishes after they show him driving into the city, and there are no deleted scenes on the DVD, so I have no clue what happened to him, and he isn't in the second film either, he makes a brief cameo in Dark of the Moon, but then he vanishes again just after his leg is shot off. With Starscream they give an explanation that he flew off into space they even show that in the credits, but Barricade just vanishes. But overall this is my 5th favorite film of all time.

Michael Edwards
Michael Edwards

Super Reviewer

Oh dear oh dear this must be the perfect example of a modern day film and how bad they can be ruined with the dreaded CGI monster. Where to begin! first off using Bay as director was probably the worst decision made when this film was being created, the man can make good action flicks yes but this sci-fi cartoon creation of epic proportions was not meant to be like this. The film is a mess from start to finish with loud noises and visuals that make no sense to the naked eye, yes it all looks very pretty shiny and flashy but you have no idea where the Transformers begin and where they end. I wasn't expecting an amazing plot nor was I expecting an adult based film. Even though the original cartoon was actually quite dark in places and we all knew it would be hard to translate the robots to the big screen, but at the end of the day as an old fan of the original cartoon and toy line I hated how they made the Transformers look in this film. Only Prime and Bumblebee actually looked visually pleasing as all the other robots were practically indecipherable, a huge maze of shiny moving parts which I couldn't tell if even a head was present! Yes the transformation sequences looked kinda neat but again I had no idea what was moving and where! a complete U-turn from the original cartoon where you could actually see how the robots transformed. I just hate how only Prime looks like the original concepts, I understand they updated the robots but the fact hardly any of them resembled their original designs killed me. For some reason all the Decepticons were very pointy and had spikes...why? also I noticed every vehicle was a US vehicle, a good example of how Bay and Hollywood totally 'transformed' (pun totally intended) this cool franchise into what they wanted. Bumblebee an ugly looking Camaro!? and what the hell did they do to Megatron and Frenzy!. So apart from the mass of in your face CGI what else is there? what is left if you take away the effects? nothing, the film has nothing else to offer a tall. The acting is bad, B-movie bad, we're talking 'Godzilla' remake bad. John Turturro gave me some smiles but apart from that this is 'Independence Day' acting right here. Plenty of sappy jive talkin' and Fox looking like she's made out of plastic with her bright white teeth and ridiculous amounts of orange body tan. Kids will enjoy this film I'm sure as they have probably not seen the original material, its loud, got lots of plosions and slow motion fighting. I myself cringe at how gaudy and terrible this trash is, the whole human side of the film is totally pointless! the real live actors are completely defunct and could literately be sidelined. Whilst the big robots are all fighting away in an orgy of shiny CGI nuts n bolts we get little snippets of the actors running around driving stuff and trying to look busy or like they're actually of any use. Then out of the blue one soldier manages to shoot and kill a Decepticon easy as pie! (had to do it from jumping off a moving motorbike for some reason). It all leads me to think they should of made a fully CGI animated film like the old 86 movie. Best thing about the film? they listened to the old school fans and got Cullen back to voice Prime. Unfortunately when Prime says 'sorry my bad' I had to put my face in my hands, yep they got Prime talkin' like a hoodie. No...quite simply no, blow me back to the 80's please!

Phil Hubbs
Phil Hubbs

Super Reviewer

Transformers benefits from a great cast, lovable machines, and a story, although preposterous, that is very entertaining. This truly is a blockbuster that you are into it, you can easily be on the edge of your seat. Never in my life would I have thought I would love watching robots beat the crap out of each other. This is definitely one of the best efforts in bringing an old television cartoon to the big screen, and it does so in great style. Shia LaBeouf leads this movie to stardom, with an exceptional performance, even though his character is a tad annoying at times. Sure there is dumb humor and almost too much action, but that is Michael Bay for you. All in all, it's one of Bay's best!

KJ Proulx
KJ Proulx

Super Reviewer

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