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April 15, 2015
Good ol' fashion hillbilly slasher! You've seen it all before, but have you seen this one? A hillbilly with pearly White teeth who pulls some impressive hillbilly pussy I might add!
November 2, 2014
Good ol' fashion hillbilly slasher! You've seen it all before, but have you seen this one?
September 23, 2014
Pretty good redneck rampage flick.
½ June 23, 2014
Well, grab me a peanut and call me candy this actually a decent film! Suspense, action and rednecks combine for a fun ride into Deliverance style mayhem.
October 30, 2013
This was a really good mid level early 80's backwoods Deliverance rip off. Henry Silva really shines in this and just watching him chew scenery most of this movie is the real treat here.
September 22, 2013
Excellent thriller of a group of teenagers captured by a crazed hillbilly in the mountains of, presumably, New York. The kids witness a murder and go to the police, and starts a chain events of torture, kidnapping and violence.

Surprisingly well acted, especially Henry Silva, who is very menacing.
½ April 15, 2013
A dynamite exploitation film that is sadly overlooked. It's the Canadian Deliverance. The acting is strong, the characters are intelligently written and the suspense never lets up. Fans of video nasties will be genuinely thrilled and even the average audience member will be entertained. Best of all, there's nothing stupid about the movie. It's believable from start to finish with some classic exploitation moments and surprisingly epic set pieces.
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½ September 4, 2012
Surprisingly really good! A bunch of self-righteous college kids goes to the woods and witness a murder done by a group of rednecks. The nosy kids got themselves into trouble by continuously pushing the rednecks' buttons. The film has lots of dialogues but really well written and semi-realistic. It's kinda like a deliverance type of exploitation mixed with dead wood. Fun to watch and thrilling.
½ September 11, 2011
Re-iterating my horror film knowledge that you should stay the hell out of the woods, this film sees backpackers witnessing a murder by a backwoods patriarch played by Henry Silva, then spending the rest of the movie being captured, released and re-captured at the tormenting hands of the Silva.

Somewhat predictable, but still a ton of fun, I'd say that this one is well worth a look for horror or exploitation film fans.
August 3, 2011
Ei ollut ihan niin hyvä kuin muistelin. Periaatteessa jännittäväkään tarina ei toimi puutteellisesti dramatisoituna. Henry Silva tosin eläytyy rooliinsa eläimellisesti. Lopussa onneksi sentään vähän tapahtuukin.
½ February 16, 2011
Crack out your finest corn liquor for some hick Canuxploitation. I saw this under the title Baker County USA & it does have some exploitation talent behind it in director William Fruet, writer John Beaird & star Henry Silva. Silva catches his wife cheating so it's time to get out the mob, tar & feather the son of a bitch & kill him. The murder is witnessed by some really dumb ass college students who end up becoming victimized by Silva & his hillbilly clan. Although the pacing is off Silva is great crazy insane in this & really adds to the fun. The last half of an hour truly make up for its short comings. Feels like 70s Grindhouse coming out in the early 80s
January 24, 2011
B-Movie deliverance. Doesn't sport the action the trailer promised but it was alright.
January 13, 2011
Hicksploitation with a point, and some unusually good performances from Gordon and Silva. The males and females, both rural and citified are alternately exploiters or victims and the stereotypes are mined for entertainment value rather than derision or weak storytelling. The law student protagonists are set up as questioners of formal legal authority presented by their professor, which is in turn exploded by Silva's speech as an exponent of his own unquestionable authority derived from God and his shotgun as much as tradition. Gordon is excellent as a mediating influence, giving some more background and depth to female authority and power in this context. Plus she is much more appealing as a character than the idiot teens she is trying to defend from Silva's wrath. The finale delivers, especially given the budget.
½ February 20, 2010
Trapped is the Deliverance-inspired tale of combining the two necessary evils (moronic college kids and redneck religious hypocritical inbreds) and combines them to present a nicely violent and creepy backwoods horror. While out in the woods setting traps and humping a random beautiful girl in the forest, hillbilly Henry Chatwill (Henry Silva in another great bad guy role) runs after two peeping toms, only to get back into town and catch his wife humping the traveling welfare guy. He leads a crusade to torture, tar & feather, and eventually kill the guy, which goes witnessed by a group of nosey college kids, lead by Nicholas Campbell (The Dead Zone), out on a camping trip. They try the local police (who are no help), then proceed to nose around until getting caught and being forced to go one on one with the hillbillies. Despite all the moronic things that every character got themselves into (which could have been avoided so easily), the movie actually delivers fun, atmospheric exploitation-style entertainment. Silva is great to watch as always. I will say that I though the combination of writer John Beaird (My Bloody Valentine, Happy Birthday to Me) and director William Fruet (Spasms, Death Weekend, Funeral Home) would have resulted in a more horror-centered film. Oh well, still enjoyable.
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