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½ February 4, 2014
This would have to be Australian filmmaking at it's lowest. 'Travelling Light' is a dull, flatly directed story with no redeeming qualities except for its accurate representation of the Adelaide in the 1970's. How this script was selected for funding will always remain a mystery to me. Kathyrn Millard has absolutely no vision as a director, especially when telling a story that has no value. How did our industry stoop this low? Who knows...
May 25, 2009
Its a film about a group of late teens / early 20's being awakened by an american poet to the possibility that they might escape the banality of suburban life. Think the film gets the feel of the 1970's absolutely spot on ... and its not too far off the mark in the way it depicts the hum-drum.
May 14, 2009
This is not a really crappy movie,its just very pointless. Its about nothing, doesnt go anywhere and fails to capture the imagination.

October 8, 2007
Pia Miranda is great in this flick. The Cinematography in this film is fantastic.
½ October 6, 2006
Weird and enjoyable. Lots of camera work, light and colours are pretty. characters are funny, and pretty and cool.
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