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March 18, 2016
A poster about the exigencies of modern French provincial life under the EU, this extols the virtues of long friendship and community, and explains the pressures of maintaining a viable local economy. As with many French films of this nature, it is an unashamed travelogue as well as an affirmation of French culture and national pride. This one is done as a gentle, homespun comedy. For those who admire landscape, there is plenty of attractive mountain and pasture photography. The village is quaintly kitsch, the ensemble consists of many experienced actors; the very fine Carmen Maura appears in a supporting role. The film leaves you with a fairy tale-come-true flavour; its intelligent storyline, folksy style and calm atmosphere are a pleasant change from the common stock of over-emotional and/or violent products. And just when you think the jokes can't get any more corny, French aplomb and perfectionism come poetically to the rescue.
February 17, 2015
La bande annonce est super reste le filme.
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