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Critic Consensus: With a weaker ending, Unbreakable is not as a good as The Sixth Sense. However, it is a quietly suspenseful film that intrigues and engages, taking the audience through unpredictable twists and turns along the way.

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Unbreakable is a riveting story shared by two men. David Dunn, a man from a blue-collar neighborhood in Philadelphia emerges unharmed as the sole survivor of a devastating train accident. Enter Elijah Price, a mysterious stranger who offers a bizarre explanation as to why David escaped without a single scratch, an explanation that threatens to change David's family and life forever.

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Bruce Willis
as David Dunn
Samuel L. Jackson
as Elijah Price
Robin Wright
as Audrey Dunn
Charlayne Woodard
as Elijah's Mother
Eamonn Walker
as Dr. Mathison
Bostin Christopher
as Comic Book Clerk
Johnny Hiram Jamison
as Elijah Price (age 13)
Elizabeth Lawrence
as School Nurse
David Duffield
as David Dunn (age 20)
Laura Regan
as Audrey (age 20)
Chance Kelly
as Orange Suit Man
Michael Kelly
as E.R. Doctor
M. Night Shyamalan
as Stadium Drug Dealer
Firdous Bamji
as Businessman
Johanna Day
as Saleswoman
Sally Parrish
as Ancient Personnel Secretary
Damian Young
as Green Army-Jacketed Man
Sherman Roberts
as Physician
Whitney Sugarman
as Physical Therapist
Dianne Cotten Murphy
as Mother Walking By
Sasha Neulinger
as Thermometer Boy
Jose L. Rodriguez
as Truck Driver
Samantha Savino
as Peering Girl on Train
Ukee Washington
as Radio Announcer
Susan Wilder
as Shoplifter
Greg Horos
as Slicked-Hair Man
Todd Berry
as Frat Party Boy
Angela Eckert
as Frat Party Girl
Anthony Lawton
as Hostage Father
Julia Yorks
as Hostage Girl
John Morley Rusk
as Security Dispatcher
Joey Hazinsky
as Five-year-old Boy
Bill Rowe
as Bar Patron
Marc H. Glick
as EastRail Engineer
Kim Thomas
as Hostage Woman
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"Unbreakable" is likely to stand the test of time as long as stories about superheroes - or heroes in general - are still sought by scared, suffering human beings.

January 23, 2019 | Rating: 4/4 | Full Review…

This compelling conundrum of a film marks the maturity of Sixth Sense director M Night Shyamalan as a distinctive, even remarkable filmmaker.

January 2, 2019 | Full Review…

Interesting premise, but ultimately disappointing.

December 29, 2010 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…

With Unbreakable , Mr. Shyamalan establishes himself as a distinctive auteur with a very personal style.

April 27, 2007 | Full Review…

Whereas The Sixth Sense left audiences surprised but surprisingly comfortable, this more mature and ambitious movie preserves its ambiguities and keeps everyone guessing.

February 9, 2006 | Full Review…

Despite my misgivings, I’m glad I saw the film.

May 8, 2002 | Rating: C+ | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Unbreakable

many consider this one of Shymalans weakest films but I think its his best. What I mean is that while the Sixth Sense is okay, and very innovative, it just doesn't hold a candle to this film, and don't get me started on Signs. The films is also much easier to sit through than most of Shymalan's films. It delves extremely well into, what if a comic book superhero actually existed. Also the drama is played out fantastically, and Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson work off eachother fabulously. Also the twist is very well done, and very shocking, rather than the Sixth Sense, which its twist was way too easy to tell what it was.

Michael Edwards
Michael Edwards

Super Reviewer

Shyamalan displays an absolute control of his film and the type of story he wants to tell, making use of many elaborate long takes and elegant camera movements to enhance the tension of his intriguing plot while keeping us always involved even when the pacing seems to slow down.

Carlos Magalhães
Carlos Magalhães

Super Reviewer


"Unbreakable," in my opinion, represents M. Night Shyamalan simultaneously at his best and worst. With an extremely slow burn building up to the finale, the story goes through exciting and boring sequences, making for a very uneven film. Again, this is just my opinion, but I feel as though these actors (who are all great here) are thinking they are in a better film that what the reality upholds. Born with a defect, David (Bruce Willis) slowly begins to discover that he may have super human abilities that have made him stronger and stronger over the course of his life. Unable to die, he begins to turn his life around after meeting someone who believes in him. With a few nice twists at the end of the film, it is definitely worth watching to savour them. Aside from an intriguing premise, some nice cinematography, and a great cast, it is all about the execution, which I think it kind of failed at. I was not sucked into the story like I thought I would be, but the twist paid off well, which is a bizarre contrast. I enjoyed portions of this film, but I disliked it overall. "Unbreakable" is a solid attempt, but sadly it is a slight miss.

KJ Proulx
KJ Proulx

Super Reviewer

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