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Alison Blanchard begins her journey to become a physician in her Gross Anatomy class, where she must confront rows of cadavers and her own fear of mortality. When the sheets are drawn back revealing her cadaver, Alison senses a presence in the lab. Her jaded professor chalks it up to first year "jitters" but her worries increase when a friend is found dead in the basement. Alison must find out the truth behind her cadaver before its angered spirit can wreak further vengeance on those who dared to disturb the body.

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Corri English
as Alison Blanchard
Scot Davis
as Brian Cross
Joshua Alba
as Carlos Aclar
Jay Jablonski
as Rick O'Connor
Derrick O'Connor
as Dr. Walter Blackwell
Reb Fleming
as Dr. Carolyn Saltz
Ben Livingston
as Ivan Verbukh
Abner Genece
as Malcolm Francois
Marisa Petroro
as Alita Covas
Susan Duerden
as Jasmin Blanchard
Stefania Barr
as Alison Blanchard (age 10)
Julio Bove
as Psychiatrist
J.C. Cunningham
as Medical Records Clerk
Anna Johnson
as Jennifer
Jerry Tracy
as Highway Patrolman
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A protagonista tem carisma e ajuda a tornar o filme suportável apesar do roteiro pedestre e da direção sem nenhuma intensidade.

June 10, 2007 | Rating: 2/5

(The director's) ponderous use of pauses and long, languid tracking shots lack the gravitas he hopes to gain, and a few of the narrative flourishes ring ridiculous and false.

November 21, 2006 | Rating: 1.5/5 | Full Review…

The bottom line is you've probably not seen anything quite like Unrest before.

November 18, 2006 | Rating: 4/5 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Unrest


Anatomy students discover that the body they are dissecting for class turns out to have a vengful spirit which kills anyone who comes into contact with it. Not too bad at all really. It's low budget and independently made but still better than your average horror movie. It has a little bit of creepiness to it and some gross moments of the anatomy class in action with some quite realistic looking bodies. We've seen vengful ghost movies before so the plot isn't that surprising or fresh, but it's a good effort.

Lee ?
Lee ?

Super Reviewer


The movie was about a couple med students who were practicing their skills on some dead bodies. One of the bodies was from Brazil, and the girl the body belonged to disturbed a bunch of spirits or something in an Aztec temple, so she became possessed and died. Then all those spirits followed her dead body to the medical lab, where it starts killing the med students and lab workers. Yeah, I don't know. The storyline was hard to follow. It made it way more complex than it needed to be. The movie didn't make ANY sense. One of the med students who claims to be an atheist, says she "feels a presence" when she starts practicing on the possessed body. People ask her over and over "Do you believe in spirits?" and she's always like "No". But over and over again she's like "I feel a presence! I know it's here!" and she starts acting really bizarre. Her behavior came out of nowhere actually now that I think about it. One minute she's a med student, then she does a complete 180 and turns into a ghost whisperer. Her obsession with finding out the history of her cadaver (the possessed girl's body), was very odd and really unrealistic. A doctor in training would definitely not get emotionally attached to the body they practice on. Medical students also aren't that stupid and immature. Some of the things those students did (like jumping into a tank filled with dead people in the med lab), was so uncalled for. It was so odd like why would they do that? They're supposed to be doctors not detectives. The characters (besides being immature and stupid) were not really well thought out people. None of them had personality. None of the characters gave me any reason to like them, except that one boy because he was so gorgeous. They were really unbelievable characters. We didn't get any background information on any of them. It was a mess. The characters developed relationships with each other so quickly. Romance was just thrown in there randomly. The writing was awful and so was the directing. The same guy wrote and directed the movie, so hopefully he'll get his shit together next time.

Japes .
Japes .

Super Reviewer

Okay the starting was pretty scary. And it involves lots of blood, cutting, dead body, etc. Pretty grossgusting to be honest.

Dead Angel
Dead Angel

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