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Critic Consensus: Valentine is basically a formulaic throwback to conventional pre-Scream slasher flicks. Critics say it doesn't offer enough suspense or scares to justify its addition to the genre.

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The novel of the same name by author Tom Savage becomes this horror film starring Marley Shelton as Kate Davies. Kate's in a troubled relationship with journalist Adam Carr (David Boreanaz), a problem drinker, but she receives support from her best friends, the same four girls she's known since grade school: Paige Prescott (Denise Richards), Dorothy Wheeler (Jessica Capshaw), Lily Voight (Jessica Cauffel), and Shelly Fisher (Katherine Heigl). When Shelly is murdered and the other girls begin receiving gruesome Valentine's Day cards signed "JM," they begin to speculate that the killer could be an awkward schoolmate named Jeremy Melton, whom they once teased mercilessly at a school dance, leading to his beating and humiliation. Dorothy in particular is afraid that a false accusation she made against Jeremy might be causing him to seek bloody retribution, but the macho detective (Fulvio Cecere) assigned to investigate Shelly's murder has some other suspects in mind. As the body count is racked up and Dorothy's lavish Valentine's Day party approaches, Kate begins to suspect that the true identity of Jeremy, who likely underwent plastic surgery to alter his appearance, could hit very close to home. Valentine is the second slasher flick from Urban Legend (1998) director Jamie Blanks.

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Denise Richards
as Paige Prescott
David Boreanaz
as Adam Carr
Marley Shelton
as Kate Davies
Jessica Capshaw
as Dorothy Wheeler
Daniel Cosgrove
as Campbell Morris
Jessica Cauffiel
as Lily Voight
Katherine Heigl
as Shelley Fisher
Fulvio Cecere
as Det. Vaughn
Wyatt Page
as Frank Wheeler
Benita Ha
as Kim Wheeler
Claude Duhamel
as Gary Taylor
Chelsea Florko
as Young Lily
Basia Antos
as Video Woman No. 1
Sarah Mjanes
as Young Shelley
Brittany Mayers
as Young Kate
Kate Logie
as Young Dorothy
Chelcie Burgart
as Young Paige
Haig Sutherland
as Bookish Guy
G. Patrick Currie
as Religious Guy
Karina Carreck
as Gallery Employee
Aaron Dudley
as Video Man No. 1
Dalias Blake
as Video Man No. 2
Chris Webb
as Video Man No. 3
Carla Boudreau
as Video Woman No. 2
Vanessa Volker
as Video Woman No. 3
Sterling McKay
as Joe Tulga
Noel Fisher
as Tulga Gang Member No. 1
Cody Serpa
as Tulga Gang Member No. 2
Mark Mullan
as Tulga Gang Member No. 3
Tyler Vradenburg
as Med Student
Marshall Virtue
as Killer (uncredited)
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Jamie Blanks' Valentine has aged rather well. A movie I didn't care for at the time of its release, I now see a lot more of merit in this slasher than I did back in 2001.

March 13, 2019 | Rating: 2.5/4 | Full Review…

The contradictory sexual politics in this lightweight slasher suggest that at some point it was meant to satirize the traditional mores of the self-satisfied female characters.

February 28, 2007 | Full Review…

In the new teen slasher flick Valentine, a public-school nerd, now grown up, seeks to systematically murder all the girls who wouldn't dance with him at the Grade 6 Valentine's dance. Or maybe that's not what happens. It ís hard to tell.

April 25, 2003 | Rating: 0/4

The essential daftness isn't helped by the stars, who play it straight when they should have gone for laughs.

April 21, 2003 | Rating: 1/5

A cheesy horror flick that doesn't take itself too seriously.

June 19, 2002 | Full Review…

If you've hidden from the scary killer, don't leave your hiding place after less than a minute! Why do they do that?

April 16, 2001 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…
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Audience Reviews for Valentine

9% of critics liked this movie? That's sad and an awfully high number I think. The people who actually did like this pathetic waste of time are either Angel fans or anyone who still thinks Denise Richards is hot. Don't bother watching this shit. Go to the park, shake up bottles of soda and throw them at the ground cap-first to watch them fly into the air. That is a much better way to spend your time.

Derek Daniels
Derek Daniels

Super Reviewer


Valentine is one of the better films in the teen horror genres, yeah I know. Even though the film is a better take on a tired genre in horror, it doesn't necessarily mean thats its a good film, far from it. The actors are terrible, and the script is lacking in effective scares, but what it does have is plenty of horrific death scenes, which I thought were pretty original. Valentine is a teen version of a slasher film during a holiday, unfortunately, Valentine's Day has already been covered in the horror, by a film called My Bloody Valentine. A different take on a holiday that has already been done in the past, but unfortunately Valentine lacks the memorable themes presented in My Bloody Valentine, which will always remain a classic and the superior slasher flick set during Valentine's Day.

Alex roy
Alex roy

Super Reviewer

Pathetically awful in every way. As a slasher, it is devoid of any gruesome, original or uncomfortable death scenes. They are just so plain and ordinary. The kills are also few and far between and some of them are thrown in for no reason. The identity of the killer is so obvious they may as well have told you at the beginning. The main characters are also portrayed as the same bitchy girls they were at school, making them less sympathetic than the killer. It's too concerned with trying to trick you, but failing to realise that it's audience aren't as clueless as the makers would like to believe. This has nothing for fans of the genre or fans of cinema. Making it instantly disposable.

Luke Baldock
Luke Baldock

Super Reviewer

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