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May 20, 2009
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½ May 20, 2009
'Versailles Rive-Gauche' is probably what can be called the Podalydès brothers first full length film (albeit still only 45 minutes), it's certainly their first significant work. Bruno Podalydès takes the directors chair whilst, his brother Denis takes the lead acting role.
This lead acting role is Arnaud. Arnaud lives in a tiny flat, he loves Tintin, and has movie posters scattered over his walls. He is expecting a young woman, Claire, round for dinner. He sets the scene, puts on the music and prepares himself by finding out how to make the ready meal moussaka and waits for Claire. After a little searching Claire finally arrives, but for reasons I won't go into things start to go awry. Pretty soon instead of himself and Claire having dinner alone, Arnaud finds himself with a series of unwanted guests including his brothers, a folk band, and a rather comical drunk woman.
Before viewing I saw this as just a slight French comedy which I had never even heard of (and seemingly not a lot of other people have either). Yet after it's apparent that this is a charming, delightful and very humorous film which never out stays it welcome.
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