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July 3, 2007
this movie is great movie about wht the flyboys did for us in ww2
June 10, 2007
Early McQueen. Not his best.
½ January 21, 2007
The Story

Buzz Rickson (McQueen) is a brilliant but volatile US airforce pilot stationed in England during WWII. His intense personality and maverick attitude leads to tensions running high in his crew, but they respect his skills and trust him in battle more than any other pilot in the squadron. His co-pilot, Ed Bolland (Robert Wagner), also sticks by his side through it all, but the two ultimately find themselves at odds over one critical and devastating decision, and they enter into their own private war, as they develop combatative romantic interests in a beautiful English woman (Shirley Anne Field).

Bolland and Rickson in the air.

McQueen's Performance

Steve McQueen was intense and commanding in this performance as an angry and dangerous young man on the edge. This role got him some good reviews early in his career.


While filming in England McQueen was racing high performance cars on the countries well known racing tracks. The studio tried to put a stop to this by telling him that if he had an accident (which would have meant the end of the film) he would be sued the cost of the films production (3 Million dollars). This didn't stop McQueen. Not only did he continue racing on the local tracks, but he had a near death track accident, which luckily only resulted in a badly cut and restitched lip. The director filmed around the injury, allowing him to wear his pilots helmet in certain scenes to cover it up.
March 23, 2006
not a great film but McQueen saved it
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