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A disturbed woman allows her doctor to believe he has killed her husband (she was actually the culprit) and they go on the run together.


Robert Mitchum
as Jeff Cameron
Faith Domergue
as Margo Lanington
Claude Rains
as Frederick Lannington
Charles Kemper
as Police Chief
Ralph Dumke
as Klauber
Billy House
as Mr. Bogardus
Harry Shannon
as Dr. Maynard
Philip Van Zandt
as Milo DeLong
Jack Kelly
as Dr. Mullenbach
Lillian West
as Mrs. Bogardus
Ruth Lewis
as Nurse Collins
Julia Faye
as Nurse Seymour
Dorothy Abbott
as Nurse Clark
Joey Ray
as Policeman
Don House
as Policeman
Jerry James
as Policeman
Len Henry
as Policeman
Carl Saxe
as Policeman
Lester Dorr
as Assistant Police Chief
Art Dupuis
as Intern
Stanley Andrews
as Dr. Mathews
Elaine Riley
as Nurse Bates
Gordon Clark
as Attendant
Sherry Jackson
as Girl in Iron Lung
Jimmie Dundee
as Taxi Driver
Tol Avery
as Honest Hal
Gene Barnes
as Tipsy Youth
Ray Teal
as Joe Borden
Leonard Henry
as Policeman
Duke York
as Cowboy
George Sherwood
as Quartz Miner
John Sheehan
as Quartz Miner
James Brick Sullivan
as Customs Officer
Carlos Albert
as Customs Officer
Michael Lally
as Customs Officer
Philip Ahlm
as Customs Officer
Tina Menard
as Cashier
Ann Zika
as Woman
Amilda Cuddy
as Hawaiian
Maxine Gates
as Girl in Act
Gordon B. Clark
as Attendant
Linda Johnson
as Airport Announcer
Marie Thomas
as Stewardess
Gerry Ganzer
as Stewardess
Robert Coleman
as Airport Official
Frank Leyva
as Mexican
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A awesome film Noir with Robert Mitchum who plays a doctor who has fallen in love with a Dangerous women, who murders her husband. After the murder they head to Mexico trying to cover there tracks, 4 stars

Bruce Bruce
Bruce Bruce

Super Reviewer


Overwrought drama that was years in the making while Hughes was trying to make a star of the somnambulant Faith Domergue. Mitchum and Claude Rains are good but this is a turgid dull affair.

jay nixon
jay nixon

Super Reviewer


"where danger lives" is one of those rko film noir pieces robert mitchum had been tackling since the 40s after his legendary "out of the past". mitchum, as howard hughes' number one investment of superstars, was craving for better roles instead of the central criminal characters or hard-boiled detectives in most of his movies, so he attempted to demonstrate some diversity by playing a straitforward middle-classed doctor messed with luring but suspicious femme fatale. this time, mitchum is still the imperious man who fancies challengingly provocative woman despite she might detonate his doom, and he dives into the trap without hesitation jusy as he says in "out of the past"...."BABY, I DON'T CARE!" the first 20 mins of the film is mesmerizingly romantic on the affair between a doctor and lonesome beautiful woman with suicidal tendency. (impersonated by faith domergue, whose fickleness and angelic beauty rival jan greer in "out of the past")...then the gallant mitchum intends to rescue the wretched woman from her seemingly overbearing father(played by claude rains, a brief screen occurence.)....BUT the aging father turns out to be her husband, then the elder man dies of an accidental hit. after that, mitchum suffers from concussion, and these two flee to mexico. gradually, more dark secrets are discovered on the road. the whole movie might appear like a strip-tease which conceals the crucial details as foreshadowing then bares it all at once as gratitous treats to the audience. there's nothing too unique about it but it sticks to its noir patterns: seedy, shadowy cinematography, un-trustworthy attractive woman and gullible man who is trouble-magnet, then a gruesome twist in the end, so the audience is aware of what exactly to expect. somehow it does have the embellishment of desperado road movie in the paradise of outlaws, mexico. mitchum doesn't do chain-smoking as he does in "out of the past" but this movie lacks an emulating villain, and the 5 mins screen presence of claude rains doesn't make a competent impact like kirk douglas' whit in "out of the past", even though the woman is devious enough as the bait to man's self-ruin. but inevitably, this movie follows the cliche of saint/demon when it comes to romancing the women, mitchum re-embraces the bosom of the good-gal, maureen o'sullivan. and the metaphor is blatant: red rose for the stimulating bad girl, so the white rose would be the gentle woman who demurely always awaits her beloved man.

Veronique Kwak
Veronique Kwak

Super Reviewer

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