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August 27, 2013
Boring white people take an expedition deep into the dullest Africa looking for a boring white gorilla. This movie contends that white-coated gorillas are more intelligent and human-like than brown-furred gorillas. Very subtle.
December 6, 2012
Slow and pointless. The ape looks hilariously bad and the plot is rather stupid. There's nothing much interesting in this film, but some of the jungle sets look nice.
½ May 17, 2009
Rätt ok gorillaskräckis, en genre som var enorm på den här tiden. Givetvis inte i klass med King Kong (1931) och Mighty Joe Young (1949), men klart bättre än The Ape (1940). Om nu det säger något...
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January 28, 2009
I got this one in a 10 pack called Son's of Kong. This is a rather poor movie, Typical search for the mythical creature in the Jungle Movie. A group of White Men hire local tribesman to go deep in the Jungle to find the missing link who also might be the White Gorilla. Its hard to believe that King Kong was made in 1933 and the film quality and special effects were so much better. In beginning the white pongo passes up a native women and takes a chimp on the leash instead, pretty kinky if you ask me. Later on he looks in the bed room window of a young white beauty, hum that?s illegal in most states. In the end the White Pongo is capture and put in a cage and taken away. The White Gorilla is nothing more then a cheap costume rented off the shelves of a Halloween store I am sure. Do I have a life??? I am not sure after sitting through this one. I just hope the other 9 movies in this series is better.
½ March 16, 2008
Really really bad low budget film, ultra cheap with an unusually stupid plot for a film from the mid 1940's. The acting isn't too bad. The gorilla suits are pretty lame.
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