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½ July 13, 2015
So... a friend of mine was watching this and was telling me how bad it was, so I, curiously, decide to watch it as well. Wow, what a waste.

For starters the plot is kinda dumb, a small town that suddenly gets overrun by wolves, many people die and/or disappear and 100 years later these college guys come exploring and all hell breaks loose. Yeah, ok...

Their reason for going to this abandoned town was because the main guy, was too shy to ask a girl out on a date and so goes to this place to try to get her attention, cuz CLEARLY THAT WOULD WORK, RIGHT? Some exploring takes place and some arguements and then the wolves OMG... except it's only like 3 wolves. Yeah, I'd be more scared of 10 wolves than just 3.

The wolves don't even look that vicious, you can clearly see that they are just reacting to what their off camera trainer is telling them to do. So then 2 people die, and there's a Michael Bay explosion inserted and the films ends with the cowardly guy and girl walking together out of the ghost town.

UNBELIEVABLE... The acting is so bad in this, the acting I can compare it to the dogs reacting to their trainers, they were just dogs doing what the director told them to do with lack of or overacting. Another thing that bothered the living shit out of me was the "lead character" who's supposed to be this shy nice guy... he's a bloody cowardly asshole, he whined so much it was annoying, I wish they had killed HIM off instead.

The film is so bad and it sucks that Rotten Tomatoes doesn't have a -100 rating.
September 14, 2013
Was not too bad. Did not have much action but I like that it gives a whole new meaning to the animals where here first.
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