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March 19, 2016
This movie seemed really dated, even though It wasn't made decades ago, and the stunts were ridiculous, along with the poorly written storyline. I liked the whole "buddy" side to the movie but the jokes were terrible and the music really got on my nerves. Its basically about 7 vigilantes who go out to save the world from bad. When they are set the task to take down an arms dealer, they use there bikes as well as there gun and Kung Fu skills to take down the bad guys. Michelle Yeoh helps the bad guys at the beginning of the film but once she realises that her partner in crime has lost the plot, she joins forces with the vigilantes to save the day. The action isn't that bad and the epic ending is full of tension but its over complicated and I didn't know who was who after a while. A lot of the action is extremely far fetched and they went a bit too far with the gun action. Anyway, I was only interested in this film because of Michelle Yeoh, who usually stars in decent movies but this film, which was made at the beginning of her career, is pretty weak. Disappointing!

This movie was directed by Siu-Tung Ching who brought you A Chinese Ghost Story, the Swordsman franchise, Dr. Wai, An Empress and the Warriors and The Emperor and the White Snake with Jet Li. Judging by the epic movies that he made later on in his career, this was obviously a small project which he used as a stepping stone to become the iconic director that he has become today. I personally have seen better but for that day and age, it was what was expected.

I recommend this movie to people who are into their action movies starring Michelle Yeoh, Ning Li, Andy Chi-On Hui, Kent Cheng and Roger Kwok. 2/10
April 17, 2011
In 'Live Free or Die Hard' Bruce Willis takes out a helicopter with a car. In 'Wonder Seven' they take out a helicopter with an elevator!
½ August 7, 2010
The prince of gymnast's first take on acting. My answer is bad idea. It's alright. Michelle Yoeh is quiet attractive though.
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