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½ August 5, 2017
Ignore the over-dramatic and over glamorization of Korean Soap Opera Drama and indulge in some small piece of South Korean Cinema that's more realist than aimed at popular crowds. Sang-soo Hong has made a very ordinary but relatable account of ordinary lives caught up in intermingling conflicts of domestic issues. Taking on the style of the not at all glamorous Sang-Soo's scripting even makes great use of it's actor's chemistry and structure throughout the film's run time. It's the type of Adult cinema older people would be more accustomed with even when coming from someone who is very well versed in South Korean Cinema of the noughties until today. I enjoyed the natural effect the film gave off as did the scripting and dialogue in particular, it just goes to show South Korean can make more contemporary tales without trying to be radical or glamorous.
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